Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cleaning Supplies

Okay master frugalistas out there.  What are your tried and true really good cleaning products?  I'm on the fence with vinegar and water.  I don't know, something about it just doesn't do it for me.  It's not the scent because I do add essential oils.  It just doesn't seem clean.  I know I know I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs but we all have our little ways now don't we?

Do you buy or make your cleaning products?  If you buy them do you use name brand or generic?  I know that CTMom buys some from the Dollar Tree.  I did buy some of the automatic dish washer detergent from the Dollar Tree and I have to say it did a good job.

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  1. I continue to reduce my cleaning arsenol, selecting natural and cheaper alternatives. Here's what I am using:
    scouring: Bon ami or baking soda in an upcycled Parmesan cheese shaker
    All purpose spray: mixed up a recipe of Dr Bronner's, following the directions for all purpose cleaning. I use this in the kitchen, the bathroom
    Soap scum in shower/bath: a homemade mix of La's amazing lemon (a la Joy knock off) ultra dish soap (in lieu of the Dawn normally called for. I trialed different versions, found my regular LA's works just as well as when made with Dawn) and vinegar mixture. Spray, walk away 15 minutes, rinse off. Easy-peasy
    Dusting: Swiffer dusters but once a month, I use Pledge but am transitioning back to a dab of lemon oil on a flannel cloth when the Pledge is empty
    Glass cleaner: currently using up the last of the bought stuff, will then try a homemade recipe
    We vacuum or swiffer mop daily, due to allergies, cats. HTH

    1. Is that lemon essential oil?

    2. My arsenal is quite small.
      Counters: Vinegar+water with bergamot oil added
      Clorox Clean Up for stains
      Floors: (I have wood, with carpet in only 3 bedrooms and the stairs. I hate carpet, btw.)
      Daily vacuum, Sal Suds mixed with water and peppermint oil to clean.
      Bathrooms: Clorox or Lysol toilet cleaner, vinegar mixture for counters and mirrors, Magic Eraser bath scrubber for scouring the shower/tub. I wipe down the ceilings with bleach water periodically.
      Dusting: I use a fluffy acrylic sock. I also put two of these on my Swiffer mop to dry mop my wood floors. I polish occasionally with Old English lemon oil.
      Laundry: I prefer Arm and Hammer for fragrance, but use what's cheapest, bought on bulk. I never pay more than $1.99/34 load bottle, and use way less than recommended. I pre treat with hand soap. Sheets are all white, wnd I use bleach and hot water on those.

      It's a small arsenal, but it gets my house clean.

      Oh, I also use my vinegar mixture to polish my stainless appliances, and spot clean windows.
      Windows are professionally cleaned twice/year.
      I use my Bissell carpet cleaner on what little carpet I have about three times/ year, and I use the solution which came with the machine.
      In fall and spring area rugs get laid out on the driveway and cleaned with the Bissell.

    3. Have you tried those fluffy acrylic socks on your Swiffer? They work great, and then get tossed in the washing machine. I got two pairs for $1.00 at Rite Aid several years ago! For wet mopping, I tuck an old hand towel in the openings....I loathe the smell of the Swiffer wet cloths, and refuse to have them in my arsenal.

  2. I just used a drop of Dawn, literally a drop, and a sprinkle of baking soda to clean the sink and a Corelle casserole. My regular cleaners are vinegar and baking soda with Dawn as needed. I do have a half gallon of Clorox that is hard to use up since I rarely use it anymore. I have Soft Scrub that I bought 15 years ago and will probably never use up. I only use Zud or Barkeeper's Friend for my antique clawfoot tub. I use about a tsp of ALL in the washing machine with powdered Oxi Clean. For my dark pants, I only give them a rinse in vinegar. I don't dig ditches, so how dirty are they? I need fresh and unlimp knit pants1 I use Oxi Clean Spray for spots.

    Still, vinegar and Arm and Hammer Baking Soda are the things I use for most cleaning jobs. I use two gallons of vinegar each month and a 6 lb bag of Arm and Hammer about every six months. I do put it in a Kraft Cheese shaker, too.

  3. I do a mix of buy cleaning supplies, and making some. I buy Comet (or Ajax), Bar Keeper's Friend, and ammonia for cleaning. I also purchase whatever sensitive laundry detergent is on sale. Vinegar is usually my fabric softener. I use dryer balls in my dryer when I run it.
    I make my own shower cleaner with the Dawn/vinegar recipe that's online. I also make my own Windex as well as my own citrus cleaner with vinegar and orange rinds. This cleaner does well things that aren't terribly dirty. For example, the once a week "deep" clean of kitchen counters gets done with Barkeepers Friend.