Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stockpile, Abundance and Waste

Kind of heavy, eh?  While I was brushing my teeth this morning, these thoughts popped in my mind.  I am off today, thank goodness so I can relax and calm down a bit and really think about things ya know?  Well back to the toothpaste....................I stockpile food and certain items like toothpaste.  This stockpile creates an abundance plus I am very blessed to be able to stockpile in the first place.  Many people can't.  Well....................Does that abundance create waste?  Let me wax............back in the day when I was first interested in frugal living, Amy Daczyn( can't spell her name) aka The Tightwad Gazette was just coming out.  One of her principles was to see how low can you go without feeling the negative impact and toothpaste was one of her examples.  Did I put on enough to cover the whole head of the toothbrush when 1/2 of that would suffice?  As I looked at my brush I realized that yea........I am using more than I really need.  Why is that?  Is it because I have that stockpile?  Once again......let me think here.  If I truly lived on a very restricted budget and could only buy necessities and NOTHING else I think I would be much more careful with how I use my resources.  If I knew that I had another week to go until I got paid and the tube of Crest was getting low and I didn't have another waiting in the wings, yea I would make that baby last as LONG as possible.  You can use this example with all kinds of things like shampoo, lotion, water etc...........I read once where someone used only 1 bottle of dish detergent in an entire year?  How in the world did they do that?  Was it the size of the Grand Canyon?  I mean my bottle Mrs. Meyers will not last an entire year even if I carefully measured what I use.  You can only add so much water when you get to the end of it.  LOL.  So this brings me back to abundance and waste.  I can sit back and feel very self righteous and complain about the wastefulness of society until that finger turns around and is pointed right at me.  Point blank.  Do I scrap the very last drop of mayo out of the jar?  What about mustard, ketchup?  I mean is it really worth it?  Yes it is.  Do I do this?  No I don't well not most of the time.

Do I need to slow down of the stockpiling?  Perhaps I do.  Do I need to be more careful with my resources?  Yep I do.

Do you routinely eat down your stockpile and not contribute to it until it reaches a critical low or continually add to it while at the same time eating it down?


  1. Even though I have more than plenty of toothpaste stockpiled, I am still careful not to fill up the toothbrush. My friend used over an inch of toothpaste, my toothpaste, on his toothbrush. I was horrified. He said that is how the picture on the toothbrush box showed it.

    I use only one bar of Dove each year because I do not put it in water or let it sit undrained. AND, I only use what I need.

    Also, I may be the person who used one bottle of Dawn in a year, more like 11 months. I use no water in it, I just let it drip out instead of squeezing and squirting it.

    Everything is used/consumed as I get more, especially if it is free or cheap with coupons, clearance, or sales.

    1. How in the world do you only use one bar of soap a year? I go through 1 bar of Dial every 2 weeks. I do use a washcloth. Maybe that uses more soap?

    2. I use a washcloth but I only wipe the soap on the cloth. I don't load up the washcloth like I have seen people do and like I used to do. My mother liked a nice, soapy washcloth when she had me wash her back. Of course, I made it soapy for her. When I wash my face at the sink, I just use two fingers under the washcloth to put Dove on to wash my face. I never let soap lie in water.

      When one friend bathed in my tub, the soap would be slimy and was disappearing. Finally, I removed the bar of soap from the tub and told the person to buy a bar of soap and dissolve it, not mine.

      I have never had a shower and do not like showers. I feel like I am being punished when I must shower elsewhere. I certainly don't sit in any tub but my own. Now, I don't have a working water heater, so I must heat water and bathe at the sink. It works for me. I don't stink and feel clean.

  2. I use a bar of oil of Olay about every 2 weeks also! And that is with letting it dry. Dish soap (dawn) last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. But I am trying to be more careful with everything we use.

  3. Your post reminded me of one of the reasons why I cancelled my Costco membership. I realized when I buy in large quantities (in "bulk") i.e. toothpaste, I tend to use more of it because I know I have multiples stored away. Also, I felt pressured to use it up before the expiration date. Even with that being the case, we still couldnt use up certain items fast enough. We are only a family of three and I didn't like how much we ended up having to throw away. I still keep an eye on our "inventory" but I don't really stockpile anymore. I just try to make sure we have at least one extra of whatever it is, except of course toilet paper - I keep well stocked with that!