Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I've Created an Aldi Monster!

So let's go back a year or so ago when Aldi opened in our little town.  Dear hubby wasn't exactly enthused with the notion of shopping there.  It got worse when I bought some kind of produce that went bad, really bad really quickly! 

Now-the tables have turned.  I'm not sure exactly when but now he is an Aldi person.  He started going with me and seeing just how low a lot, not all, of their prices are.  Each time he was a little more impressed until now if we see something at another grocery store his reaction is "it's cheaper at Aldi"!!

I laugh at him every time he does this.  It simply cracks me up.  Now Aldi is his favorite grocery store!!


  1. Aldi is addictive. I used to hate it but now I am kind of hooked.