Sunday, June 11, 2017

Everyday Frugality

To someone that is new to living within or below their means frugality can appear to be boring or deprivation.  They may think they have to immediately grow all of their own food, make all of their personal hygiene products, read by candlelight at night...........well you get the picture.  Now to be fair none of these practices I just listed are bad in any way shape or form but to the newbie and to some goldie oldies they can be a tad bit "extreme".

To me, it's more about the everyday frugality.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without seems much more appealing and easier to accomplish.  Cutting up the toothpaste tube or putting your bottle of lotion upside down to get those very last bits takes no energy whatsoever.  It takes perhaps 10 seconds to perform those tasks.   Bringing your lunch to work instead of going out.  Eating out less as a whole will save you a TON of money.  Scratch cooking saves a ton-this is an area that I suck at.  Sorry, just being honest ya'll.  If you don't have allergies, hanging out your laundry will save on the electric bill.  Mending clothes instead of throwing away or buying new pieces.  Combining several errands to make only 1 trip in the car.  Turning lights off when you leave the room.  Oh my the list goes on an on.  But you get my drift right?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out ya'll but it does take patience and discipline especially if you've been used to buying whatever you want, whenever you want and using credit cards when you don't have the funds.  It 's going to take a few months to see more wiggle room in your budget.  Once you see more money than month you will be hooked.  It gets exciting to see your savings account balance go up while your debt goes down.  It can be fun to make a game out of it-you know like let's see how long I can make this tube of toothpaste last or how many times will I use my towel before I get a new one?  You may find that you have a gift of cooking great tasting meals with nary a box on the counter.  Heck you may find that you and your family love your homemade desserts better than anything old Betty or Duncan can whip up.  You may find out that you love to garden.  It may become therapeutic after a hectic day at work.  And for sure it will be so exciting when you bite into that first tomato or bell pepper.  You will feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment that nothing else can touch.

What are your everyday frugal habits?

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a sample of my everyday frugalness-using up candles and the scraping every bit of this expensive cream out of this jar.


  1. We are normally not like this but we have been hemorrhaging money May-June. Son3 leaves tomorrow so the excess money spending should come to a screeching halt

  2. Hmmm, I would have to think...I guess cooking is my every day frugal act. I think my every day frugality is more about what I don't do!
    Oh, I love making quilts, which I give as gifts to people I love. I decided years ago, though, that other than the batting, I would never buy fabric new. I find quilting fabric at the thrift shops, or,deconstruct clothing I purchase for $5/bag at the thrift shop. I have also made quilts for my older son from my kids' old blue jeans. He loves those quilts.

    1. I bet they are gorgeous. I love handmade quilts.