Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Grocery Shopping, Meal Planning, Coupons and Shopping Apps

Do they go hand in hand?  Do you make a meal plan then shop accordingly or do you shop the sales and make a meal plan from what you purchased?

I think both have their pluses.  I know that some people make really detailed plans and shop ONLY for those items to make sure they have 3 meals plus snacks and drinks  a day.  I also know some people really shop to restock their pantries because they know what their family likes and eats.  

This brings me to coupons and shopping apps.  Do you coupon?  Do the stores in your area double your coupons?  Do you use any type of shopping apps?  Budget Girl, a youtuber that I highly recommend you watch, price matches at Walmart using a program called Deals to Meals.  Now the Walmart in my area does not price match.  They do offer a price catcher that promises to check their rivals to see if they offer a cheaper price and if they find a product cheaper then you get that credit and you can put that credit on a Walmart e gift card.

Image result for deals to mealsImage result for walmart savings catcher 

So is there method to your madness?


  1. I am more of a look at the ads and create meals to go with the sales. I usually cherry pick 3 nearby stores each week, but all three are on my way to and from places I go weekly anyway so none are ever out of my way.
    I only use coupons for items I use regularly

  2. Like Anne, I check the ads, and stock up at rock bottom low price. I shop only when I see those are on offer. I might use a coupon, and do love to couple those with Rite Aid Plenti points. While in the store I check the clearance bins.
    That said, there are times I do shop on a whim. A birthday meal might see me in the store to buy marscapone cheese for a special cake, for instance.