Sunday, February 12, 2017

Found a Good Deal at Aldi

So today ya'll we went to Aldi to pick up just a few basic items.  Imagine my surprise when I found 5 pound chubs of ground beef for $5.95.  The sign indicated $8.95 but each chub had a $1 and $2 off sticker.  I asked an employee about the price and she said to take $3 off the listed price AND that the chubs out were the only ones they had left.  So.......................I got 2 of them.  Not bad....10 pounds of ground beef for $11.90.  We don't have good deals like that around my neck of the woods.


  1. That is great! I never go into Aldi's because I cannot walk that much and they have no electric carts. However, I do price-match at WM with prices for fresh fruit and vegetables. AND, I am allergic to beef. However, I do love the price.