Saturday, February 25, 2017

Being Organized Can Be Your Best Frugal Strategy

What the what? Better than coupons?  Better than turning off the lights when not using them?  Better than not going out to eat?  Well a resounding YES and here's why.  This past weekend I finally got so tired of opening our cabinet/pantry doors and not knowing what is in there or have it falling out.  So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some lovely lime green boxes( yep I spent some money to do this!) and started to clean them up.   The finished product is much better looking and organized.  I tried my best to have like products together so I won't have to spend a ton of time looking for things.  This is a major plus.  The downside you ask?  Well let me tell ya'll I threw away a lot of things like canned goods and such that were so far out of date that they could possibly kill us if we ate them.  I was really disappointed in myself for letting it get to this point.  Money literally being thrown away.  Bye bye! Hasta lavista baby.

Had I been organized these items would have been used or at least donated to a food pantry if we couldn't use them.  Even if used coupons and got great deals, I still ultimately lost because they were thrown away.  So that was my light bulb moment.

Below are pics of what the cabinets look like now.

This cabinet holds the many bottles of Penzeys spices  

This cabinet holds some canned goods plus a few odds and ends


  1. Very nice. I have two, (yes, two) pantries. One is a walk in right in the kitchen, the other a bifold door right outside the kitchen. That one is a badly organized craft closest, which means my surplus food and water storage gets put in the garage. I need to get to work. It DOES cost to be disorganized. I recently went through my under counter lazy Susan spice cabinet, and saw many duplicates of herbs....some bought at a great price, and the duplicate because I couldn't find it, so I replaced it. Ugh.
    Lovely job on your cabinets. So good to hear from you.

    1. Two? Nice!!!! Thank you for the kind words

  2. I'm with you - having things organized means you don't buy what you don't need, and also keeps you from letting things go to waste (if you regularly troll your bins). Plus, I just prefer an organized house. Makes me so much more relaxed.

  3. Good Afternoon Lee Ann,

    I couldn't agree with you more. Saving money on duplicates or purchasing at a discount only to be thrown away because it was "lost" in the back of cupboard is a terrible waste of money. Being organized also helps us use TIME to our advantage. They say, "time is money", and often it is. So, any waste of time is also a waste of one's resources.
    So glad you were able to get your cabinets organized. They look terrific.