Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I am a Bit Ticked

So you remember how I said we paid off our mortgage at the very end of December?  Why yes we did!  Now we are incurring a $14.95 maintenance fee on our checking account because we do not owe this bank ONE.RED.CENT.  I looked at our account today and saw this fee so I called.  I suspected us being debt free, at least with them, was at the root of this fee and sure enough it is.

If we  have a ginormous balance in a savings account we can avoid the fee.

I told the lady on the phone that I felt we were being punished for actually paying off our debt.  She really didn't have a response to that. So..................I am hoping that the hubster will go to a branch and speak to someone who can rectify this for us or perhaps we will need to change financial institutions.

What say you?

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  1. I would probably just change banks. We had some issues with my mother's bank after my dad died and it was not worth the frustrations to her or my sister and me. We changed all of her accounts over to a new bank and the old bank has written her several times with really nice offers to get her business back. No dice! (I think her old bank thought we would just move her checking)

  2. And these are the reasons why I love credit unions!!!

    I hate big banks!

    Your - DeeCee

  3. Hi There! I enjoy your blog, but I think this is my first time I am commenting.
    Congrats on paying off your mortgage! (I have been MIA on blogland lately, we have been crazy busy in our household, so I am just now starting to catch up with what everyone has been posting to their blogs.)
    I used to work for a large bank (think "horse and carriage") and I used to see this issue come up all the time. It used to make me angry because I, too, felt like customers were being punished for paying off their debt. The final straw came for us when it happened to us personally. We had a mortgage, an equity line of credit, savings and checking accounts. We were very good customers for many years and as soon as we sold our house and paid it all off we started getting outrageous fees because, according to the bank, we had nothing "linked" to our accounts anymore to waive the fees. It did not take us long to decide to switch banks and we were very glad we did.
    I am not at all suggesting that you should do that, that is a very personal decision not to be taken lightly, but maybe you could ask the bank if there are other things you can link your account to that would waive the fees, such as a safety deposit box or something. Banks are all about getting all that they can out of you- they don't just want some of your business- they want ALL of your business and they want to make it harder for you to separate yourself from them.
    This is one of the many reasons why I say I will never work in another bank again! Haha.
    I hope it all works out for you. :)

  4. Yep, first go to the bank, explain the situation to a manager and ask that the $15 charge be removed. He/she may agree to do so "as a one time, courtessy"-thank them, and then do one of 2 things: 1) move funds to this bank to avoid a reoccurance of the $15 fee or 2) find a new bank with no fees.

  5. Not okay at all! We had a charge last month (a new fee introduced to all accounts with fees but ours has no fees) and I asked kindly, they reversed it and changed the account so it would never show up again. The teller couldn't do anything so it had to go to the manager. All is well. Hope they do the same. P.S. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage. Isn't it a good feeling!! Chy

  6. Good Afternoon, Lee Ann,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage. I know how awesome that feels because we lived mortgage and debt free for more than 15 years. Then we moved across the nation and ended up with another mortgage ... but, Lord willing, it will be paid off later this year.
    I'm looking forward to stopping by your blog again soon.