Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Am I Prepared?

I've briefly touched on this subject before but thought since my part of NC is under a possible snow event in a few days, it would be great to revisit. I a prepper?  No, not really.  At least in the doomsday prepper sense-no I am not.  I do prepare a little bit though.  I don't like to have less than half a tank of gas.  In fact I will be going to the gas station some time tomorrow to get this taken care of.  I like to keep my cell phone charge up at all times just in case.

We used to withdraw $100 in cash every pay period to keep on hand, again, just in case.  You never know when the power will go out and CASH will be KING.  We stopped this but today since I got off early for an appointment I went to the atm and withdrew $100.00.  I plan on continuing this practice.  Again, just in case.  I watched a youtube video just the other day.  It is a new to me youtuber and she was discussing scenerios about why her family preps.  One scene was getting a call in the middle of then night and being able to jump up and leave and not have to worry about gas or money.  This is what triggered the cash response in me again.

So............the s word causes problems here in the South.  Grocery stores will be crazy busy and usually we don't get anything near what is predicted.  In 2000 we got 2 feet of snow and that was wild and crazy and amazing.  I will admit to going to Kroger to get 1/2 gallon of milk today but hey, I didn't have any milk at all.  I picked up a few other items to stock my pantry.

So what do you do to prep?  Do you like the show Doomsday Preppers?



  1. A 1-3 day loss of power here due to wind is almost an annual event. As we are on a well, that means NO WATER. I make it a point to fill about every other empty suitable beverage container with water, (ie: orange juice jug), and stash it in the garage. It takes a full gallon to force a toilet flush, and trust me, you don want to use store bought bottled water for this! Because of common power outages, I opted for a gas cooktop, and we always have lighters on hand. We consider candles and flashlights pantry items. Also, we have a woodstove, and never have less than a cord of wood on hand. My pantry is also stocked well with foods I can heat easily in a power outage. The only thing we rush to buy if it "feels" like the outage will last a while, (worst was 3 nights/4 full days)is ice for the cooler to store meat/dairy. We also have a pulse tone phone we plug in during outages, and battery operated radios so we have reliable communication, and learned long, long ago to not rely on cell phones for this.
    I have a place in Florida too. Our prepping there looks a bit different than here. The main thing I learned, though, is that water is the main thing. I was told that if you aren't going to store water, don't even bother with anything else.

  2. I have a gas cooktop and lots of lanterns and candles. We are supposed to get snow too, which usually means ice here, which snaps tree limbs, which snap power lines which means no electricity. I bought a small generator several years ago when after losing the contents of my big freezer 3 times. Amazingly since I bought it we have had no protracted power outages.

  3. I live in Western PA and two feet of snow would only be a problem for 1-2 days but unlike your area we have the snow plows and salt to take care of it. I don't drive in snow but for my dh it is no big deal. Hope you get little or none. I find here the weather forecasters act like the world is ending. Cheryl

  4. I live 50 miles north of Anne. Last weekend, snow was predicted for this weekend. Wednesday, I went to the store, thinking I would get a gallon of milk to go with the half of a gallon left. Well, that was a good plan except for the fact there was no whole milk and about a half dozen 2%.

    I always have lots of batteries, flashlights, and candles. There are two gallons of water and some bottles of water. I will not lose water, but who knows if it will be potable always.

    There is plenty of food here. If I don't have power, I will cook on the grill outdoors or just eat food that does not need to be cooked.

    I do have a generator.
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