Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stockpile, Abundance and Waste

Kind of heavy, eh?  While I was brushing my teeth this morning, these thoughts popped in my mind.  I am off today, thank goodness so I can relax and calm down a bit and really think about things ya know?  Well back to the toothpaste....................I stockpile food and certain items like toothpaste.  This stockpile creates an abundance plus I am very blessed to be able to stockpile in the first place.  Many people can't.  Well....................Does that abundance create waste?  Let me wax............back in the day when I was first interested in frugal living, Amy Daczyn( can't spell her name) aka The Tightwad Gazette was just coming out.  One of her principles was to see how low can you go without feeling the negative impact and toothpaste was one of her examples.  Did I put on enough to cover the whole head of the toothbrush when 1/2 of that would suffice?  As I looked at my brush I realized that yea........I am using more than I really need.  Why is that?  Is it because I have that stockpile?  Once again......let me think here.  If I truly lived on a very restricted budget and could only buy necessities and NOTHING else I think I would be much more careful with how I use my resources.  If I knew that I had another week to go until I got paid and the tube of Crest was getting low and I didn't have another waiting in the wings, yea I would make that baby last as LONG as possible.  You can use this example with all kinds of things like shampoo, lotion, water etc...........I read once where someone used only 1 bottle of dish detergent in an entire year?  How in the world did they do that?  Was it the size of the Grand Canyon?  I mean my bottle Mrs. Meyers will not last an entire year even if I carefully measured what I use.  You can only add so much water when you get to the end of it.  LOL.  So this brings me back to abundance and waste.  I can sit back and feel very self righteous and complain about the wastefulness of society until that finger turns around and is pointed right at me.  Point blank.  Do I scrap the very last drop of mayo out of the jar?  What about mustard, ketchup?  I mean is it really worth it?  Yes it is.  Do I do this?  No I don't well not most of the time.

Do I need to slow down of the stockpiling?  Perhaps I do.  Do I need to be more careful with my resources?  Yep I do.

Do you routinely eat down your stockpile and not contribute to it until it reaches a critical low or continually add to it while at the same time eating it down?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Well Ya'll I Got a New Job!

Thanks be to God, I got a new job.  Now I am not going to throw my present employers under the bus but this job was really causing me stress and I have been ready for something else.  I have been looking for another job for a really long time.  It is with the same employer just a different department and they seem genuinely glad to have me.  Now that is something that I don't feel with my current position.  For example:  true story-back a few months ago I had bronchitis with a lingering cough.  One day my VP asked my what my prognosis was, what was I doing about it because I was disturbing him.  I go to my desk and talk to manager.  We both go back to my VP.  I tell him that his remarks hurt me and he said that I was right, he was sorry but...............I was disruptive to the entire floor. He also asked me if I inherited this problem.  Really?  I was like, well I did 2 weeks in Texas Children's Hospital in intensive care when I stopped breathing and my parents found me blue. There is probably 40-50 people on my floor.  I asked my manager who sits right beside me if I was disruptive to the department and she said no. So we really didn't come to a conclusion.  And at this time, so many people were sick that we all were coughing, not just me.  And he didn't say anything to the others.  Now I know, you may be thinking just get over it and now I am but at the time, this really made me angry.  I couldn't help being sick and if I wasn't causing my direct coworkers any problems I didn't see how I would be causing him problems especially with him all the way at the end of the floor.  Something didn't add up.  But for me, that was just the last straw.

So I start in August.  I look forward to this new adventure but I know I will also be anxious because I mean who really likes to feel like a fish out of water.  But I hope that feeling won't last long.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Delicious Aldi Steak

I know this photo is not very appetizing but trust me it tasted delicious.  Remember back when our Aldi closed for renovations?  Well on the last day prior to closing they had an amazing sale and the prices for meats were slashed!  Better than Micheal in the Halloween movies.

This rib eye steak was truly one of the best tasting steaks we've had in a very long time.  For me personally, the only steak I've had that tasted better can be had at The Angus Barn.  The Angus Barn is a very well known steak restaurant in Raleigh.

For sure we will buy more!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Stressed and I so Want to Go Out and Spend Money

I am so stressed with my job. I can't go into details because I have no idea of any of my coworkers read it.  But just know it is driving me crazy!  And my blood pressure has got to be out of control.
Please pray for me or if you don't pray, at least think about me.  I can't take much more.

Have a great Friday night ya'll!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Small Aldi Run

Well today saw us going to Aldi after church for a very small run.  We did not buy any meat.  In fact, we need to shop from our freezer to use up what we have as we are running out of room  We don't have a deep freezer.  Just the freezer unit on top of the fridge.

I tell ya, Aldi is really picking up business in my little town.  More and more folks are discovering that you can save $$$ by shopping there.  Sure, you may find an item cheaper at another store but overall I really think they are the cheapest store in town plus they do sell good stuff.  You do have to get over name brand mentality.  Easy to do when you can save so much.

If there is an Aldi near you and you haven't gone.  I say just give them a try.  Even if you don't like it, you won't be spending much but I think you will like them.

these taste really good!

in the back behind the drinks is this package of pretzel, peanut butter and milk chocolate snack thingies.  Oh my they are good! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Mornings

In a couple of hours we will be with our church family worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful that we are able to do this.  There are many countries in this world where this is simply impossible.  Believers meet in the secret quietness of their homes at great risk so being able to do this publicly is quite amazing.

Our church is not perfect because it is filled with sinners with me being no better than anyone else.  Sure there are folks there that get on my nerves just like I'm sure I get on their nerves but hey we are human.  We really are no better than anyone else.

So I've got to get ready to go meet some friends.  Talk to ya'll later!

this is part of the front of my church-the education building and gym are to the left

this is part of the sanctuary-there is one more area to the left with pews

A Frugalista Dream Come True

I am not exactly a frugalista but I am on the road!  Ha ha.  For you regular folks this next suggestion will come at no surprise but for someone who is at the beginning of their frugal journey take note!

The public library can be one of your very best frugal habits.  I don't know about every state but NC requires an ID to get a card.  Give them your name, address and email and VOILA you get a card.  I mean how simple can that be people?  Just think at what is at your fingertips!   Books, magazines, books on tape, newspapers, programs that sometimes have some pretty awesome authors!  For you mystery fans out there how about having Margaret Maron show up-huh?  You get to keep your book for 2 weeks.  You can roam around and look to your hearts delight.  It's like window shopping but it's so much more than that.  And then guess what..................sometimes they can get a book for you from another state so that makes it even better.

And it's all FREE!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't get any better than that.  I like going to the library.  One of these days I think I may just fall asleep in their comfy chairs. It's so peaceful because it is quiet.  I don't know about you but I crave quietness.  

You aren't an avid reader?  So what!  Go out there and check out a book on a subject you love.  Sports, politics, faith, mysteries, biographies the list goes on and on.  I promise you this is a habit you won't regret and did I mention that it is FREE!!!!!!!!

You can visit countries and solve mysteries all from the comfort of your couch.  Just think about it.  It's a rainy day.  A bit cool.  Make a cup of hot chocolate, get a blanket and your book and get on that couch.  Let that book take you away.  Become your own Jessica Fletcher!  

This is my library.  Photo courtesy of

Let's Try These Pictures Again

I am not computer savvy at all.  Let's try uploading these pics again.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Vacation Time

So we have been on vacation this week and LAWD have mercy is it needed.  It just feels so wonderful to not HAVE to get up at 5:30 and work for someone else.

Where did we go?  I'm glad you asked.  We went to South Carolina, near Pawley's Island, just south of Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is just way too busy.  Too many people and too commercialized.  You can't go 5 feet without a restaurant or one of those shops that sells cheap beach stuff, nothing over $5.99.  For me it cause stimulation overload.  The noise and traffic.  UGH!!!!!!

So Litchfield Resort is simply wonderful.  We booked this a few months back so the prices were really reasonable and I saved up for it so even though we charged the room, it is paid for.

The weather was really nice.  Hot of course but not too bad.  Nice and breezy especially at night.  It was almost cold when we went to the beach Wednesday night to watch the waves.

We didn't scimp out on anything but we also didn't go shopping.  We ate 1 meal a day at dinner and we ate good.  One night at Quigleys, one night at Pastoria 811 and one night at Habenero's.  All meals were really good.  Quigleys was especially relaxing.  We saw our one and only alligator there.  That is the one thing the hubster wanted to do was to see an alligator.  Mission accomplished.  LOL.  He really was quite cute swimming around and looking at us and the others.

We spent one day at the beach and one day at the pool.  We rent an umbrella at the beach and beach goers must think I am a vampire because I cover myself with towels even under that umbrella.  I do tan well but.........I don't want to burn because some of my medications don't mix well with sunlight.  Plus I really don't enjoy sitting on a towel cooking myself under the hot southern sun for hours on end.  Then we rent a cabana at the pool.  It is lovely.  It has a ceiling fan and televison.   All of the comforts of home whilst a few feet away from cool relief.  AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we are back to reality.  Just Friday, Saturday and Sunday then back to so called real world.

I did have a light bulb moment in our room.  We stayed at the Seaside Inn, the rooms were quite small and kind of dark..............I would recommend them to have more light.  But I digress.  Packing up to come back was that light bulb moment.  Just looking at what all we packed was really distressing.  Did we need to bring all of this stuff?  Nope..........Do we need all of this stuff?  Nope..........Did we use all of it?  Nope.................Why did I pack it?  heck, why did I buy it in the first place?  So while I will never be a true minimalist, it sure caused me to question my buying habits.  Gosh I kind of thought I was doing good or at least better than what I used to be but this situation hit me between the eyes.  I found packing up to leave causing me a bit of anxiety.  That got me thinking.............having choices can be a great thing.  This dish detergent is cheaper than that one kind of thing but sometimes having too many THINGS to choose FROM can be daunting.  Do you agree?  Take I need a closet full of clothes or could I be happier with a few chosen pieces that go with everything else?  While walking one day at the beach I listened to a podcast by the Minimalists and clutter was their first episode.  Cleaning out their closets, trimming down their wardrobe was one of the first things they did when they decided to take this path.

So here are a few photos of our 3 days in SC:
Displaying IMG_0628.JPG

Displaying IMG_0635.JPG
met this cutie on our beach day.  His name is Kenu and yes he is wearing sunglasses.  
Displaying IMG_0637.JPG
We went to see the movie The Mummy one night at this really nice shopping center that had horse drawn carriages.  Isn't he a beauty?
Displaying IMG_0648.JPG
Our cabana looked like this
Displaying IMG_0657.JPG
Majestic looking isn't he?
Displaying IMG_0659.JPG
the way back to Raleighwood
Displaying IMG_0661.JPG
Hello Gtown!

Displaying IMG_0631.JPG
that one alligator

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Everyday Frugality

To someone that is new to living within or below their means frugality can appear to be boring or deprivation.  They may think they have to immediately grow all of their own food, make all of their personal hygiene products, read by candlelight at night...........well you get the picture.  Now to be fair none of these practices I just listed are bad in any way shape or form but to the newbie and to some goldie oldies they can be a tad bit "extreme".

To me, it's more about the everyday frugality.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without seems much more appealing and easier to accomplish.  Cutting up the toothpaste tube or putting your bottle of lotion upside down to get those very last bits takes no energy whatsoever.  It takes perhaps 10 seconds to perform those tasks.   Bringing your lunch to work instead of going out.  Eating out less as a whole will save you a TON of money.  Scratch cooking saves a ton-this is an area that I suck at.  Sorry, just being honest ya'll.  If you don't have allergies, hanging out your laundry will save on the electric bill.  Mending clothes instead of throwing away or buying new pieces.  Combining several errands to make only 1 trip in the car.  Turning lights off when you leave the room.  Oh my the list goes on an on.  But you get my drift right?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out ya'll but it does take patience and discipline especially if you've been used to buying whatever you want, whenever you want and using credit cards when you don't have the funds.  It 's going to take a few months to see more wiggle room in your budget.  Once you see more money than month you will be hooked.  It gets exciting to see your savings account balance go up while your debt goes down.  It can be fun to make a game out of it-you know like let's see how long I can make this tube of toothpaste last or how many times will I use my towel before I get a new one?  You may find that you have a gift of cooking great tasting meals with nary a box on the counter.  Heck you may find that you and your family love your homemade desserts better than anything old Betty or Duncan can whip up.  You may find out that you love to garden.  It may become therapeutic after a hectic day at work.  And for sure it will be so exciting when you bite into that first tomato or bell pepper.  You will feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment that nothing else can touch.

What are your everyday frugal habits?

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a sample of my everyday frugalness-using up candles and the scraping every bit of this expensive cream out of this jar.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Almost There

So........we have $1424.29 to go until we reach the amount in the old emergency fund that makes me more "comfortable".  Notice I said comfortable, not totally satisfied but comfortable.  I kind of added up what our base expenses are plus stuff like groceries, prescriptions etc for a 6 month time frame.  Hopefully then we will be able to go full throttle on the last debt-my car loan but............and there is always a but isn't there?  But anyhoo..........................I then want to start funding some expenses that will be coming up like we will need appliances to replace our original ones, we will need a new driveway, a new roof and stuff like that.  I have spoken with the hubster about this and told him I really don't want to finance any of this stuff but pay in cold hard cash.  We will see if that will actually happen.

Then, of course, I have been hearing of layoffs.  My friend's place of employment is laying off and I know of others as well.......................Have you heard of any layoffs?  Have these layoffs happened to you or a family member?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I've Created an Aldi Monster!

So let's go back a year or so ago when Aldi opened in our little town.  Dear hubby wasn't exactly enthused with the notion of shopping there.  It got worse when I bought some kind of produce that went bad, really bad really quickly! 

Now-the tables have turned.  I'm not sure exactly when but now he is an Aldi person.  He started going with me and seeing just how low a lot, not all, of their prices are.  Each time he was a little more impressed until now if we see something at another grocery store his reaction is "it's cheaper at Aldi"!!

I laugh at him every time he does this.  It simply cracks me up.  Now Aldi is his favorite grocery store!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Grocery Shopping, Meal Planning, Coupons and Shopping Apps

Do they go hand in hand?  Do you make a meal plan then shop accordingly or do you shop the sales and make a meal plan from what you purchased?

I think both have their pluses.  I know that some people make really detailed plans and shop ONLY for those items to make sure they have 3 meals plus snacks and drinks  a day.  I also know some people really shop to restock their pantries because they know what their family likes and eats.  

This brings me to coupons and shopping apps.  Do you coupon?  Do the stores in your area double your coupons?  Do you use any type of shopping apps?  Budget Girl, a youtuber that I highly recommend you watch, price matches at Walmart using a program called Deals to Meals.  Now the Walmart in my area does not price match.  They do offer a price catcher that promises to check their rivals to see if they offer a cheaper price and if they find a product cheaper then you get that credit and you can put that credit on a Walmart e gift card.

Image result for deals to mealsImage result for walmart savings catcher 

So is there method to your madness?

Speaking of Prepping

So this post will most likely turn some folks off while perhaps intriguing others.   I mean no disrespect to anyone as I am a total newbie to this whole way of thinking.

Like I said previously, I attended my first Carolina Preppers meeting recently.  It was very interesting and quite eye opening to actually meet someone who is a prepper.  Of course, one meeting really isn't enough to form an opinion one way or the other.  I wonder if any of them are like the folks on Doomsday Prepper.  I would watch that show and just be amazed at what lengths people will go to to be "prepared".  But prepared for what?  They all seemed to be preparing for some kind of cataclysmic event that would take over the country and cause mass chaos.  So this got me thinking.  What kind of prepper do I want to be and how do I accomplish that?

Perhaps I am living in rose colored glasses but I think most events will be either financial-like someone in your family lost their job or a natural disaster.  Here in central NC that can be a tornado or hurricane-yep hurricanes can still be hurricanes here in the central part of the state as it's only 2 hours from the coast.  Maybe a snow storm that cuts our power for a couple of days.  Those types of events.  I have no idea about EMP's or what exactly they are except they can cause wide range power outages if the grids are attacked?  Do I have that correct? goes.  A financial disaster can only affect your family or maybe the entire country if another recession or depression happens.  Are you prepared?  Am I prepared?  Have we paid our debt off?  If not off, how far down can you go?  Do we any funds put aside if the spouse loses their job or heck if we lose our jobs?  Have we built up our pantries with foods that our family will actually eat?  It's great to go buy boxes of freeze dried food but if your family won't eat them then you are stuck and out of money.  Do you routinely keep multiples in stock?  I like to be using 1 item while having at least 1 in the pantry waiting to be used.  Do you stock on medication like OTC drugs?  Can you stock up on prescription medication without hurting your health?  By that I mean stocking up without shortchanging what you are taking now.  My insurance only allows a 30 day supply so it is hard to stock up on prescription drugs.  Do you, like Meg mentioned, stock up on water?  Do you stock up on a few fun things like cake mixes?  Cake Mixes?  What the what?  Well...........if you are in the middle of a financial crises a cake mix can help by affording you the opportunity to celebrate an occasion whether it be a birthday or anniversary.  It always helps to be a little festive and thankful whilst in the midst of a crisis.  Do you shop all year round to be able to provide gifts for various occasions?  This can be a huge money saving idea.  Stocking up on sodas when they are a great price can also be a help during these types of celebrations-note this is only for those who drink sodas.  Sodas can be quite expensive and always seem to be very expensive just when you need them the most.  Do you have enough in your pantry to not only feed your family but maybe, just maybe be of help to a neighbor?  I'm not talking about being the culdesac grocery store but maybe you could spare a few cans of veggies or canned meat to help your neighbor who is in worse shape than you.
Do you have alternative ways of cooking?  This will be a major help during times of storms and power outages.  We have a regular grill out back, a camp cookstove and a very small gas grill that we take when tailgating for Appalachian State football games.  I have a huge supple of those small those small green cylinders of gas-Lord I can't think of the name right now!  Propane!  That's it!
Do you have a way to provide light?  We have loads of candles but also oil lamps.  Oil lamps are great for lighting up a room.

Not to mention fire arms.  Now if you don't want firearms don't buy any but if you do want to be able to protect yourself-do you have a firearm and do you actually know how to shoot it?  I mean it's great to have a gun but if you don't know how to shoot it PROPERLY then you've done yourself no favor at all.  In fact I think you've put yourself in more danger.  Just imagine if an intruder comes into your home and you are trying to get load your gun and you are struggling.  Well that intruder can take it away from you and use it against you.  So if you want a gun, please be able to use it PROPERLY.  Take a class or take several classes.  Go to a shooting range to get comfortable with it.  And have the proper ammunition for it.  Like I said, this is only for those who want a gun.  I am not trying to start a debate and there will not be one here.

What if you are at work and can't make it home?  Do you have food in your cubicle that can feed you for a few days?  Do you have food and water in your car?  Do have you blankets in your car?  Do you have a way to jump start your car?  Do you keep a bug out bag in your car ready to be used in a minutes notice?

Do you keep a granola bar and bottle of water with you?  I don't know about you but my purse is big enough to handle these items.  I always get thirsty.
Do you have a small pocket knife on you?

All of the above suggestions are NOT what I consider to be out of the ordinary.  I think that they all can be useful.
So what kind of prepper are you?  Are you preparing for the EOTWAWKI or something else?

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image:  freedom preppers

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Are You Still There?

It's been a minute since I last posted.  Nothing really excited to report from the ole' frugal homestead...........LOL!  I wish I had a homestead but I digress.

We've just been plugging along, paying more towards the car to get it paid off early, putting more money into an emergency fund because HELLO-we all know that Murphy will come along at the least affordable time, putting money into an account to pay for vacation.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This is where we diverge from good old Dave Ramsey.  We take vacations while paying off debt.  A big however-HOWEVER we pay cash for it.  Well we do charge the hotel room but I quickly pay that off the first day that I can which is usually the next day after arriving home. 

I've recently decided to put some cash in an envelope to keep at home.  I don't know how much cash we will accumulate but....this could come in handy if the power is out for any period of time and stores can't take debit cards and ATM machines are down.  Do you do this? If not, I urge you to think about it.  Yes I know that having cash around can be dangerous in more ways than one.  Firstly I may spend it is something I think we should do.

Speaking of preparing, I attended a Carolina Preppers meeting this past Saturday.  Now those folks are preppers.  I don't know if will ever be at their level or if I want to be at their level but it did give me something to think about.  They not only talk about it, they live it.  They practice by having camping weekends with no access to electricity etc..........I would fail that experiment for sure.  It's like I told this one guy- I do not want to be off grid.  That is not the kind of homestead I want but hey it is what he wants so more power to him.

I know it's a bit early but are you getting prepped for Fall?  I saw in Walmart this Heater Buddy contraption that I keep saying I am going to buy well I will buy one this year.  It uses those small containers of propane gas to heat a small room and they are safe to use indoors.  I've read many rave reviews.  I am not a fan of kerosene due to the scent of it so I am going to try this.

So how are all ya'll?  Anything exciting going on in your world?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why I Want Out of the Rat Race

My husband just called me at work.  The wife of one of his good friends is in the hospital needing a liver transplant and it does not look good.  They've been told nothing else can be done.  The family has petitioned the transplant team to reconsider their decision.  From what my husband told me, she's only been retired about 5 years.  Wow!!  You work so hard to be able to enjoy your later years and this happens.  Now I know it happens to many people.  Some people don't even have the 5 years she has enjoyed but it has me really thinking.

This is why I want out.  I want to be able to enjoy my life.  I am not expecting to be able to travel all around the world or spend extravagantly on jewels and cars and houses.  I really want a simple life and being able to do what I want when I want and not have to plan everything around my employer's schedule.  I want to be able to get in the car and drive to the mountains or beach.  Yep we are lucky like that.  North Carolina has both and we are centrally located so it isn't a bad drive either way.  I want to be able to help others out without feeling like I am putting my department in a bind.  I want to wake up when I want to and not to the sound of the alarm clock.  I want to be able to run errands during the day, not when I am dog tired from work and in crowds of other folks who just got off as well.  I want to be more involved with my church and other ministries.  Especially those who help the working poor or pregnancy life homes 

Five years really isn't enough to be able to enjoy all of that.  What she and her family are going through right now is so sad.

Please pray for Helen and for her family.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Don't Know How Much Longer I Can Take IT

I looked at my retirement calculator at work and according to it I still have to work 7 years, 11 months and 3 days for me to be eligible for insurance at retirement.  Honest to goodness I don't really know if I can last that long.  Everything and I do mean everything gets on my last nerve.  We have only 1 debt and that is my car payment.  It is just over $14000.00.  There is a part of me that wants to throw every red cent to it to get rid of it but............there is this other part of me that also wants to save as much as possible since we've we so bad about that for so many years.

We could make it on the hubster's salary.  It would be a real stretch but we could do it.  He is not so fond of that idea if you can relate. 

I'm just so ready to throw in the towel. 

What would you do?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Being Organized Can Be Your Best Frugal Strategy

What the what? Better than coupons?  Better than turning off the lights when not using them?  Better than not going out to eat?  Well a resounding YES and here's why.  This past weekend I finally got so tired of opening our cabinet/pantry doors and not knowing what is in there or have it falling out.  So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some lovely lime green boxes( yep I spent some money to do this!) and started to clean them up.   The finished product is much better looking and organized.  I tried my best to have like products together so I won't have to spend a ton of time looking for things.  This is a major plus.  The downside you ask?  Well let me tell ya'll I threw away a lot of things like canned goods and such that were so far out of date that they could possibly kill us if we ate them.  I was really disappointed in myself for letting it get to this point.  Money literally being thrown away.  Bye bye! Hasta lavista baby.

Had I been organized these items would have been used or at least donated to a food pantry if we couldn't use them.  Even if used coupons and got great deals, I still ultimately lost because they were thrown away.  So that was my light bulb moment.

Below are pics of what the cabinets look like now.

This cabinet holds the many bottles of Penzeys spices  

This cabinet holds some canned goods plus a few odds and ends

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Fun Frugal Day (Well MostlyFrugal)

So tomorrow I go back to work.  I would really like to stay home a few more days but alas I must go back and face the music!  LOL.  Hope no banjos are playing if you know what I mean.

Today we did a couple of things that were totally free.   Well if you count the gas it took to drive there it wasn't totally free but we didn't have to pay anything else.  The RDU International Airport and Umstead Park are pretty much on the other side of the county from where we live but we ventured out today and went to the Observation Deck at RDU, then we went to Umstead Park.  Umstead is part of the state parks system in North Carolina and right here in Raleigh.  It's beautiful and great to go especially during the week when it's not so busy.

The cake.........well that wasn't free but it is delicious.  We also visited the Hayes Barton Pharmacy Cafe for dessert afterwards.

If you are ever in the 5 Points area of Raleigh, be sure to visit the Hayes Barton Pharmacy Cafe.  It's old school and plays old time music.  It's really neat.  Plus it isn't a chain, it's a local business so it is always good to support the local peeps.

Monday, February 20, 2017

What I've Done the Last Couple of Days

I took last Thursday, Friday, today and tomorrow off.  I needed some time away from work in a major way.  I mean I was going coo coo for cocoa puffs.  The last few days have been wonderful, with the exception of getting sick.  It really makes me yearn for that time when I can say good bye to fulltime employment.  It's nothing against my employer.  Like I've said before.  I want FREEDOM!

Anyhoo. I really have not done much except lay on the couch feeling yucky but I did manage to do a couple of things.

The pictures were taken from the NC Farmer's Market.  This is a slice of heaven ya'll.  And it will only get better as spring and summer arrive.  Juicy strawberries, peppers, homemade salsa are just a few of the items that I buy.  Most all of the farmers there will give free samples too so that makes it a double win for everyone.  You got to get there early though or you will have a devil of a time trying to find a parking spot.  It is incredibly busy.

The video is of my Aldi run today.  Lord knows, I did not realize that Aldi was so busy on a Monday morning.  Good grief!

Enjoy ya'll!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Have You Noticed Any Food Shortages

I belong to a British frugal food group on Facebook.  Why you ask?  Well I love all things British.  Anyhoo..............some of the folks there have mentioned some shortages on certain veggies such as broccoli.  The example they've given is they could only buy 3 heads of broccoli at a time etc.........Then the hubster said he heard there was a bacon shortage here in the States and I'm like NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bacon should be its own food group.  I love that wonderful part of a hog.  The crispier that better.  And Hormel Black Label is my favorite although it is way too expensive for me!
Have you heard of any food shortages?  Have you seen empty shelves at times other than snow storm warnings?

I know that some of the blogs and facebook posts I follow speak of possible food shortages during times of civil unrest.  I know the country is going through some trying times right now but do you think it will come to that?  Food for thought!

Can You do All of Your Grocery Shopping at Aldi

Before I get into the question I want to share something funny.  A year or so ago you could not get my husband to step foot in Aldi.  He says he had a bad experience with bananas once.   They went bad very quickly.  Well................that can happen at any store, can't it? he LOVES Aldi because of their prices.  So my question to you is are you able to do your entire grocery run at Aldi?  There are still a few items that I buy at "regular' grocery stores.  I am very picky about my salad dressing.  I only like certain kinds although I am considering trying to make my own. has shared posts with her homemade dressings and they look really tasty.

Are there certain items that you will buy AT Aldi?  I really love the baby bell peppers in a bag that they sell.  It's cheaper than Kroger in our area.

I'm also hearing some complaints about the prices at Aldi going up.  Have you noticed that in your area?

Right now, we shop at Aldi and Kroger primarily and from time to time will venture to Walmart.  What about ya'll?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Found a Good Deal at Aldi

So today ya'll we went to Aldi to pick up just a few basic items.  Imagine my surprise when I found 5 pound chubs of ground beef for $5.95.  The sign indicated $8.95 but each chub had a $1 and $2 off sticker.  I asked an employee about the price and she said to take $3 off the listed price AND that the chubs out were the only ones they had left.  So.......................I got 2 of them.  Not bad....10 pounds of ground beef for $11.90.  We don't have good deals like that around my neck of the woods.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Fee Fiasco Update

As the sands of time goes, so are the days of our lives.........................Well the husband, God bless him, went to the bank yesterday and sure enough the fee was because we don't owe the bank a cent nor do we have a large sum in savings.  He spoke to someone and they suggested that we change to a different type of banking package.   As long as we have an ACH deposit of at least $500.00 once a month, the fee will be waived.  This will be no problem whatsoever due to his ACH is larger than that.

You know this is really sad because there are some folks out there who won't meet these guidelines and will be eaten alive with fees.  

I can only imagine how paying off our mortgage will effect my credit score.  As I read about it, our credit score is actually a debt score.  It shows we have debt and how we pay it back.  I once heard DAve Ramsey say that he doesn't have a credit score because he doesn't have debt.

For you guys out there who are debt free-how has your credit score or FICO been affected?