Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Last Few Days

Today will be a photo montage of what I was doing the last few days.  Nothing to really get excited about but just a glimpse into the wonderfully exciting life we live here in central North Carolina!  LOL

First of all that giant bottle of generic Allegra.  We renewed our membership to Costco.  I know that some out in blogland debate the whole warehouse thing but this product alone makes it cost effective for us to join.

This pig sign was at a restaurant we ate at after church on Sunday.  It is called The Pit.  You may have seen it on the Food Network.  A few years back the pit master competed against Bobby Flay and won.  The bbq in NC is pork and may I say it is delicious.  Please, if you are ever in the state you MUST try it.

the photo above is moi after my eye exam and having my eyes dilated.  Oh what joy!  It took hours for my vision to return to normal or what could be considered normal for me.

this is a photo of my bbq and mac and cheese.  The mashed potatoes belong to the hubster.  For some reason they put them on my plate.  I did not eat them.  I was too enthralled with the mac and cheese.  MMM MMM good.

and this is a scene from inside the restaurant.  I just think it's cute. 

So other than not much is going on in the Gtown household.  How about you?


  1. We've just been here and there doing shopping or normal activiities.