Saturday, November 5, 2016

Can We Stop the Food Wars?

Please?  Yesterday I read a post on facebook from one of my local farmers markets.  It was about a farm in Georgia that had closed and how great the goats were etc............Now don't get me wrong, I love farms, I like to support them when I can and I dearly love farm animals.  However I kept reading the article and this farm charged $8.00 for a dozen eggs.  I realize that farmers have to charge a fair amount for them to make money so I am not being critical of this farmer but I left a comment simply stating that most people I know simply can't afford $8 a dozen eggs.  There is a demographic out there that can and I say that's great!  Go for it but it's too much for me.  Well the farmers market responded to me that they wanted to teach me to buy my groceries, all of them, at the farmers market.  They said that I would need to buy better beef but perhaps use less of it and that most Americans have a ton of food waste.  Yes that is true indeed but I did buy a pound of beef at the NC State Farmers Market ONCE at either $8 or $9 a pound.  Nope! I won't be doing that again.  I replied back that for folks on very limited budgets it was hard to justify spending even $5.00 for a dozen eggs.  I know of a family of 5 whose grocery budget for the month is $100.00 and no they are not on any type of assistance and no they don't want to be on assistance and yes they qualify for assistance.  The wife does an amazing job of getting really good deals on her food.  I'm sure that what she buys would send most foodies in a frenzy worrying about her family's health and the state of the earth.  Nope she doesn't buy hardly any snack or junk items because 1-they can't afford them and 2-they have food sensitivities that prevent it.  With her spending $50 every 2 weeks it makes no sense to spend 10% of her budget on eggs.

So I guess my point is why don't we all let folks buy what they want at the grocery store or at your local farmers market.  Let's let them spend what they feel is a right amount for their family.  Let's support the farmers when we can because that is important.  Most farms are not the huge farms that people want to protest against but rather family farms that are working hard to treat the animals the correct way with love and care while at the same time making a living for their families.

So I will try to buy more at my farmers market knowing that I can't succeed 100% of the time and I will also buy groceries at Kroger and Aldi.  That is the way I can save money for MY family.  I don't expect everyone to feel this way but I hope I've given ya'll something to consider.  I know the article spoke to me about the need to support the farmers but it also spoke to me that many have no idea how hard it is for some families to put even the cheapest of food on the table while trying to keep a roof over their heads.

See!  I actually do shop at the NC Farmers Market


  1. While I do support farmers' markets, there are drawbacks, price being one of the major reasons. I have never seen eggs at $8/doz. Of course, I get my eggs from Dominique. Then, there is Publix for $4. I do wonder if someone needs to teach the failed farmer how to market his goods. I think it is unfair to blame it on the people who don't buy from him.

    If a market is a true farmer's market, you won't find bananas. However, some markets tout their goods as local. Unless I live in a tropical climate, I won't be able to find bananas locally.

    Besides, I prefer to shop later, in a cool store during summer.

  2. I agree. I will buy local duck eggs for $3.00/dozen, but I am not going to pay that for chicken eggs when they are less than half that in my supermarket for 18. I call what you wrote about "food shaming." It's ridiculous.

  3. I understand time, money and profit. I also understand budgets, and my recent experiment using 50 dollars a week helped my understanding much better. I applaud whatever works for each family. I know fresh organic eggs are better, but 8 bucks a dozen vs .99 at Aldi?

  4. So much judgment in the country! Live and let live peeps! I buy organic, cage free, humanely raised eggs from Aldi for $3.49. Still better than $8 a dozen. If I buy local eggs from my farmer's market they are priced anywhere from $3.55 to $5.05 a doz, and if you bring back the carton they credit you $.25. Depending on where I am I'll buy those eggs. Sometimes for baking I'll buy the cheap regular Aldi eggs though.