Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Save on Medical/Prescription Costs

So today saw me at my 6 month follow up at my dermatology office.  I have Rosacea plus very sensitive skin (as I've mentioned before).  I have using Cetaphil to cleanse and moisturize along with Soolantra to help with the redness.  This works really well however I find Cetaphil can be a bit heavy and make my facial skin feel oily.  I asked my provider is there is something that isn't as heavy but also won't strip my skin of oil.  She gave me several tubes of different types of prescription washes to try.  I am so thankful for those samples.  That means I won't be wasting money on something that doesn't work.  I mean, you can't return prescriptions.  This can be a great way to save money on prescription costs.  So don't forget to ask if you can try some samples to see if you like a medication.  It never hurts to ask.  What is the worst that can happen?  Your doctor says no.  Oh well.......give it a try.  Also, sometimes it is cheaper to get a 3 month supply of your pills instead of 1.  Check to see what is cheaper for you and go that route.

See these amazing tubes of generosity?  I will try and see which one works best!

I also made a trip to my Penzeys store.  I got the Italian Herb and Tsardust free.  I think I need to step away from Penzeys or build a cabinet to hold all of the containers I have.  It's a problem folks.  What are your favorite spices?

I love how spices smell and add so much flavor to meals.


  1. I love Penzy's but am kind of glad it is out of my normal sphere. I have to make it a point to go there, so I wait until I really need something from them.

  2. Ah. I too suffer from chronic skin problems. So does youngest son. I always ask the dermat for samples of the prescription ointment, so I can have tubes evrywhere....purse, car, etc. I also ask for Cervae samples, as that stuff is expensive. I have to be careful with laundry detergent too....fortunately, the brands that don't bother us are the inexpensive brands. Ha...."funny" eczema story. We have a second home on another coast.(A joy of being a tightwad is that we could afford this.) The housekeeper readied house for us before our trip there this summer. She cleaned it beautifully, washing all the linens. But....she used dryer sheets! I couldn't even turn down the bed without breaking out, so my first night was spent re-laundering our sheets. Bless her heart, she also washed EVERY TOWEL IN THE PLACE TOO. Whike we were there, the girl taking care of my animals told me one of the cats spit up on our bex, and asked if she should wash the sheets at her house. I told her no, I'd rather sleep on cat puked upon sheets than sheets washed with detergent that causes a reaction! She felt so bad about that, that she met me the day we returned to help me get situated...unpack, calm kids, etc.