Monday, September 19, 2016

Gas Shortage

The shortage is alive and no so well in our neck of NC. Hubby asked me yesterday why I wanted to fill up my car even though it was nowhere near empty. I told him about the shortage. Where have you been man?!  He was like oh it will be okay. Hmmm...not so fast my friend. Look at what he saw as he finished fueling up this morning. 

Maybe some of the Prepper folks aren't so "crazy" after all. Now I'm not suggesting to go all Doomsday Prepper and build a shelter but we really need to pay attention to the news. What about the trucks that deliver food to grocery stores?  If they can't fill up then we can't fill up. 

Are you seeing signs like this?


  1. Yes! Well, I was raised to believe, among other things, it was bad for the engine to let the tank go below 3/4. When my dh chuckled at this, my father explained that it was bad because if you slgot in the habit of going below 3/4, it could go to 1/2, 1/4, or empty. And empty, well, that IS bad because then the engine won't start.
    My point: I have always kept an eye the signs, aand "worst cases." It was habit. While I may have found it annoying as a child, I understand my paretents' thinking now. No, it wasn't "end times" thinking, as they were, as am I, liberal humanists. It is common sense, and solid time and resource management. Stock up while it's on sale, do it now while you have the time, or the weather is good, and always, always spend less, much less than you earn, because anything can and will happen. Get an education, as that is the one thing that can't be taken from you. And if you want to know why we don't have: cable, more than one vehicle, designer clothes, video games, air conditioning(we weren't in the south) it's because we are saving for your educations, and after college you may manage your own households in any way you see fit. I have turned into my parents, btw, and proud of it. At the heart of it, is a humility, I think...we are not in control of much of anything other than our own selves/behaviors. So, keep that tank full.

    1. Good advice as always. I had to chuckle at the engine not starting.

  2. I am not sure if we are having a crisis here yet or our local media is creating one but there was a pipeline leak about 15 miles from us. We went ahead and filled all the cars, including the truck which we only use for hauling stuff. If there is one we have enough gas between us to function and if not, well we won't have to fill the truck for quite a while.

    As a side note, gas prices climbed 20 cents a gallon literally over the weekend.

  3. Bracing for price hikes . . there was a problem with oil for heating a few years ago, price gouging, politicians "looked into it" but the public never heard anything more. I topped off my car today, just in case. I last filled my car on 9/1, just put under 4 gallons into my Prius. Love that I am putting so little mileage on my car. I instructed my older kids to do the same. BTW, I paid $2.13 today, paid $2.17 on the first. Same gas station

  4. I live 50 miles north of Anne, and gas only went up yesterday, four cents, to $1.99. I filled the car Thursday, but did more driving than usual on Saturday. Today, I will top it off, probably three or four gallons. There has been no evidence of a problem here.

  5. It shows you that a crisis can come out of nowhere. You are right about trucks that bring in food etc, they can't drive if there is no fuel.

    Good to have a bit of a pantry stocked!

  6. For once there is not a gas catastrophe in the mid-west. Which oddly enough @@ only ever seems to happen right before a long holiday weekend. @@