Sunday, September 4, 2016

Credit Card Got Hacked and Odds and Ends

So I pretty much check our accounts every day.  On Thursday I logged on to check to see what the mortgage balance was since I made a rather large payment.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed there was a balance our Visa from some software company that neither of us had ever heard of.  I promptly called the bank, they told me that since the charge had not actually posted I could not dispute the charge but they could close the card and issue another one to keep any other fraudulent charges from happening.  This really makes me boil.  

Folks check your accounts daily.  It pays off.  I work for a financial institution and oh my word fraud is so big.  I can't believe how much information people give out no questions asked.  Do NOT give out your financial information to anyone.  Don't believe when you get an email from someone telling you that you will receive a large sum of money in a wire.  They just need your account information. Lord have mercy please don't buy cars from Europe and wire money.  Yes that has happened.  Oh goodness it goes on and on.

Oh to some other things.  Yesterday we went to this fancy schmanzy kitchen store in Raleigh.  It's lovely but man oh man are the prices HIGH.  I love roosters and chickens.  There was this way cute little rooster spoon rest.  Oh my mouth was salivating.  I wanted that rooster.  $25?  Holy cow no!  I could get a real rooster for that probably more than one.

Do you have tomorrow off?  If so, what will you be doing?
Well I have to go watch Notre Dame play Texas!  We are ND!

Oh and here is a pic of a deal I got on peanut butter.  5 jars for a total of $4.00


  1. I check my accounts EVERY DAY. Friends/family/co-workers think that is nuts. I caught fraudulent charges about 3 years ago. Thankfully, the bank reversed the charges and issued me a new card. Also 6 or 7 years ago, the credit card company itself caught some suspicious activity on a different card. It was a charge in California. I don't live in California nor have I ever been to California.

  2. I also pay in cash as much as possible with the exception of bills to avoid this very issue.

  3. I use my cc regularly to earn air miles but check it daily. I have had Eurorail tickets charged to my account and the same day hotels in San Fran. Needless to say we closed that one immediately It bugs me that I have to monitor mine daily but I do it anyway