Friday, August 5, 2016

My FICO Score Went Down! GRRRR

Why, pray tell?  Because I am not charging!  Go figure.  I am paying down debt while not charging, or at least charging very little (think items on Amazon).  Now don't get me wrong. My score is still excellent but it annoys me that paying cash and doing what is best for my family can come back to bite me!

I've heard Dave Ramsey say many times that the FICO score is really a debt indicator not a financial or money indicator.  Maybe not those exact words but you get the jest of it.  I am now realizing what he is saying about this is so very true.

Oh well.......I will keep on keeping on.  Pay off the mortgage.  What will the FICO score look like then?

BTW-if ya'll order something online like Amazon you use your credit or debit card?

Have a good day!


  1. I only use my credit card for online ordering, mainly to earn air miles and in case there is a questionable bill it is easier to resolve when using a credit card.

  2. WE paid off our mortgage in 2007(I think it was that year)and our FICO has only gone up and has been around 825 for years now. Scratches head......

    1. mine went from 850 to 842. Not a big drop but still I wonder why?

  3. We only use a credit card for online purchases. Keeps the bank account safer.