Saturday, August 27, 2016

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

Can you believe it?  These eight months have gone by so fast it's a blur.  I don't know about you but I am looking forward to cooler weather and I dearly love to watch Christmas movies especially on the Hallmark Channel.  I know those movies are super sappy and ooey gooey feel good but I like them.  I always wish that life could really be that way.  But I digress....................

Are you ready?  Have you purchased gifts or at least saved up for them?  We've purchased gifts for my sister in laws and really only have my father in law left.  He is one tough bugger to buy for.  He has every thing he needs and he doesn't have hobbies so it's really difficult.

If you have family over to your home for food have you included those costs?  We always travel out of town so we don't have those expenses but we are kind of kicking around the idea of having a friend or so over just to hang out.  So I need to figure out what we want to eat and get the best deal for those said items.

Do you go all out when it comes to decorating or are you a bit more subdued?  There used to be so many homes like the Griswalds but not so much anymore.  I love to look at them.  My husband told me he wants us to do a bit more this year on the decor front.  Nothing outrageous just a bit more festive.

Frugal Queen has some great posts on how her family has frugal Christmases over the past few years. Go to her blog and check them out!

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