Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aldi Run

Well today I made a small Aldi run. I bought some onions, bananas, grapes, whole wheat bread, eggs, granola bars, Asian noodles, and baby bell peppers. That store gets busier every time I go. I know the store is set up to be streamlined however they could use more employees manning the cash registers. 

Do you shop at Aldi?  If so, what do you like?


  1. I do shop Aldi. I love their produce specials, but also buy the chocolate chips, cocoa powder, crackers, 8 ounce cheese, butter (on sale and I freeze it) and sweet potato chips regularly. Oh and the German sauerkraut! It is fabulous.

  2. We like several of their products. The favorite is the mini chocolate chips. Best price anywhere! The milk chocolate ones are meh.
    Also really like their triscuits, and veggie ritz style crackers and oyster crackers and corn Chex type cereal. We try more things every trip, since there are 2 growing teens here & they can really hurt a budget

  3. Aldi are the same in the UK! Not many store staff but I guess that's how they help keep prices low.

  4. I shop there every week. I buy cereal, lunch meat, produce, spices, bread, cheese, ice cream, paper products. I like it a lot!