Sunday, July 31, 2016

You Win Some and You LOSE Some

First off with the loss............for some idiotic reason I totally forgot to pay our utilities last month.  Don't ask me how that happened as I have no clue other than not paying attention.  First time in 32 years and I sure hope it is the last.

The win...............we are shopping more at Aldi.  My husband is liking that place more each day.  When they first opened he was not impressed at all but.......he is slowing seeing they do have better prices.  My wish is I would love to have more variety but hey!

I made a chicken pot pie today for lunch.  It is not like the usual pot pie as I don't have a top crust.  My top crust is made of cheese.   Shredded parmesan and Asiago.  I think the cheese gives it a great taste!

We're getting closer to paying off a couple of debts.  Hopefully one will be paid by the end of this year.  The other one a few months later.

I bought a box of dishwasher detergent from the Dollar Tree after reading about it on  I hope I like it because it is so much cheaper than what I usually use!
I also bought some items to put in a box for my car to have on hand in case of emergency.  I bought some items in case I need some kind of bandages or medication. I also bought a couple of back pain patches.  Hey!  You never know when that nasty back pain will start up again.   I then bought a clear box about the size of a shoe box to put all of these items.

My plans are to expand my pantry, have some emergency items in multiple places while doing my best to get good deals!

I saw some clear film to put on windows at Home Depot on Saturday.  I want to buy some to put on the windows when it gets cold, if that ever happens in this hot as you know what area.  I doing some price comparisons on the Heater Buddy.  One of them is safe for indoor use and it uses propane gas tanks.  I'd like to get it before I actually need it.

What frugal or preparing things have you been doing?

Run don't walk to Penzeys to get this spice.  It smells divine and adds good flavo

My chicken pot pie-kind of looks like a quiche doesn't it?


  1. Hope you like the Sun dishwasher powder. It;s very popular around here.

  2. Your pot pie looks great and how interesting to do cheese on top! I'm going to consider that when I make pot pie again.