Monday, July 4, 2016

When is Enough Enough

As furgalites most of us "pride ourselves" of getting the best bang out of our bucks.  We look for good deals and develop stock piles of items that our families will use.  This comes in so handy when there is a hiccup in our lives.  A job loss, a sickness etc...........those stockpiles can literally be the difference of eating vs not eating....hmm or at least freeing up the funds from those stockpiles to use on mandatory expenses.

This leads to: when is enough enough?  Can we have enough bathroom tissue?  What about other things?

For example:  Lebron James.  He just helped his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA championship.  He did not resign with Cleveland making him a free agent thus freeing him up to make more.  Millions. More.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for capitalism. many millions does one need to make in order to feel justified?

Or for us closer to home.  There is this wonderful store in Chapel Hill, NC called A Southern Season. It was/is a specialty food and coffee store.  It grew to become a $30 million operation.  There was the store in Chapel Hill and they did great online business.  But the 2008 economic downturn hit it hard.  The owner sold it and the new owners began big expansions.  They had locations in  Mount Pleasant, SC and Richmond, VA.  Now.................there is only the flagship store left and they have filed bankruptcy.    I wonder, did the new owners never consider enough?  What is so bad, not only for Southern Season but how this bankruptcy impacts all of the small businesses that did sold their local goods to them.  One of the biggest perks of shopping at SS was the local gourmet food items.  Local cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery, Videri Chocolate, Slingshot coffee, Butterfields Candy, Boulted Bread, Big Spoon Roasters, NumNum Sauce, The Blakemere Company.  This list goes on and on.  Many small companies are owed money now from Southern Season and most likely, they won't see that money.  One man who manages Bear Branch Milling Co said that this bankruptcy will most likely  put them out of business.  Once again I ask when is it enough?

The desire for more and more and better and newer and fancier and bigger can be so fun but it can also cause many problems.  I wonder if the owners of Southern Season wish they had never expanded to other cities but focused on their one store and how to improve it?  I wonder if these small business owners will ride out this turn of events or will they simply stop doing business with them?  We were in the store this past Saturday and it really is a shell of itself.  You used to be able to go through aisles of gourmet gift baskets and find just the right one for whatever occasion you had.  Now there are no gift baskets.  It seems to have become even more "gourmet", expensive.  Is that part of the problem?  Who knows.  But it has really given me something to think about.

I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time.  One outfit at a time.  Drive one car at a time.  Do I need 20 pairs of shoes?  Do I need enough clothes so I never have to repeat an outfit in say 3 weeks?

What do you think?
gift baskets galore

Yummy cheese-maybe you can never have too much cheese?


  1. I love clothes and I have plenty. Not as many as some people. And yet, the old adage holds true for me, I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. I need to either weed out and/or change up my outfits.

  2. I have done a major clothing purge and only kept what I actually wear. I did the same with shoes and handbags! It is freeing!

  3. OMG! I love SS and my husband loves it even more. My sister lived in Chapel Hill and every time we came to visit we would stop and browse and shop for hours. I'd heard they were sold and my sister has since moved down east but it makes me sad to hear of its demise. You are correct though! Gluttony is not good, whether its eating, spending, or one's bottomless desire for more and more money.

  4. I watched in delight the final NBA game when Cleveland won over Golden State Warriors. It was wonderful but really who does need more millions to live..It is nice to have some money but really I so agree with you one pair of shoes, one top and one pair of pants for me does me well..I wash everything carefully and hang most to dry in my hot garage, my intimates in the house to dry they dry quickly..I don't use the heat cycle for my dishwasher and I do use cold water for most of my laundry..I clip coupons til I could scream, but I know how to make food from scratch and resist the goodie aisles, I can make better food for far less. I don't get the need for always more and more, enough should be taught to little kids left and right and plenty should be in their minds..One can't have everything in this life, if one has food and a place to live and clothing to keep from being necked well one is truly blessed..So many labor long and hard and have so little in our community many starve and work 3 jobs and can never buy a home and rent is sky high so greed is your blog!