Sunday, July 3, 2016

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning
How do you shop for groceries?  Now before you say, duh Lee Ann, what a dumb question...........think about it.

Do you meal plan first then make the list of items needed or do you meal plan according to the food that are in your pantry and cabinets?

I think both methods are valid.  I imagine that planning meals according to the foods on hand would be cheaper, but maybe not?

Now we all have those staple items that we want on hand at all times, if possible.  Those will differ according to our personal tastes.  I love Rotel or store brand versions.  You may not.

So how do you shop?


  1. I have a fixed amount for groceries per month. I allot a certain amount for the farmer's market come Summer. I shop for certain perishables weekly, but the rest of my monies are used to take advantage of specials/sales/coupons. Based on what is on hand (bought on sale), I create my menus. I also have certain themes for each day of the week: Sun is big meat meal to allow extra for sandwiches/another meal, Mon is fish, wed/fri is leftovers (kids with Dad usually), Tues and Th are crockpot easy meals, with Th also being often vegetarian. Sat is soup or sandwich night. HTH