Friday, July 15, 2016

Frugal Ethics

Is there a line you won't cross?  Is there something you read about in other frugal blogs that makes you wonder what is going on? everything fair in love and war?

Would you load up on ketchup or other condiment packets when going to a fast food place for lunch to use at home?  Would you go to a salvage grocery store that is specifically for the poor to do your grocery shopping even if you can totally afford full price at the main stores?

I honestly don't know what made me think of these situations today but they pop up in my mind.  So I thought I'd throw them out for discussion.

I would not load up on condiment packets for the sole purpose to take home.  Now if I had something like 5 packets and only used 3 then sure I would take the other 2 home or perhaps to my work desk and use at another time.

I read one time of a frugal blogger who used ketchup packets to fill up their empty ketchup bottle.  Hopefully this was possible because they collected packets over time and didn't go hog wild and grab a ton on them.  I read where this one person reuses dental floss.  Nope not going to go there.  Unroll the 2 ply bathroom tissue to make it 1 ply?  Nope.

The salvage grocery store is really up for discussion I think.  If it is indeed a "food pantry" then obviously we don't qualify and I pray we never do.  There are salvage stores out there though that simply sell items that the name stores can't.  Maybe the items are out of date or perhaps the can was dented.  I don't have a problem shopping there in the least.  Amanda from got some amazing deals from her local salvage place this week.  I mean a spread on her table for less than $32.00.

So...........tell me.  Do you have an ick factor?  Have you drawn a line in the sand?


  1. Fast food ketchup packets? If you can't afford ketchup, you shouldn't be eating fast food. That said, if I grabbed several packs at a meal, and had one unopened, I would take it home, rather than throw it out.
    As for your food salvage store...I have never heard of a store that only caters to the poor....are they checking tax returns at entry? Are you implying that the well off should not shop at the less expensive stores, or even salvage stores because they don't have to? NONSENSE! That's like saying you shouldn't shop at a charity shop for clothing because you can afford Macy's. That is the sort of convoluted logic that gets people in financial messes to begin with. Would I fib to get assistance, no. I am grateful I don't need it, but a good part of that is due to frugality. Just because you can afford full price doesn't mean you should pay it. Should I not shop loss leaders because I can afford full price? Or, buy something else along with the loss leaders so I don't take advantage of the store? Again, nonsense.

    1. Goodness no. This was just a general question. I heard of one grocery that started because the working poor was having difficulty paying the prices at regular stores. Hey. I'm all for getting a great deal. I don't know if this place is open any more.

  2. My line in the sand is.....definately the dental floss thing - the thought makes me wretch...

    Seriously though...I grabbed a quick bite with friends last year at McDonald's and one of the acquaintances with us ordered a cup of water (no biggie). But then got up twice to fill it with soda at the self serve....just kinda cheesy/dishonest if you ask me

  3. When I am in the car and floss, I just put it on the dash board and reuse it later that day. One day, I was desperate and used a piece off the floor.

    If you knew how often I floss, you would be shocked. I floss after cookies, cottage cheese, everything. So, reusing floss is not any worse than drinking from the same cup or straw later in the day.

    The reason I floss in the car is because I realize I left something in my teeth when I flossed at home. Or, I ate something at a fast food restaurant.

    One day, I was in exbf's car and asked him if he minded if I put my floss on his dashboard. He said, "Well, that is where you save it since I have known you. Do you know how much dental floss I get of the floor?"

    I don't go to dent and bent store here because the cans are in bad shape. It is not worth taking a chance.

    I will take home the extra catsup. But, I won't stuff my purse to save money at home. That is stealing and the reason catsup is out of reach at some burger places. Prices on food goes up if you steal condiments.

    I have a friend who keeps a cup in his car from a dozen different places. If he is near a Burger King and wants a drink, he just walks in and fills his BK cup he keeps in the car. That is stealing!