Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Night at The Ranch

Well it's not exactly a ranch but I thought that sounded cool!  LOL

Watching the ladies gymnastics Olympic trials.  It's amazing to see the human body flying around, flipping and turning.  I sit in awe of these young ladies.  Just think of how much time and practice this takes.  Reminds me that being frugal and paying off debt needs that Olympic training state of mind.  I want to win the race against debt.  I'd rather it be sooner than later.  To do that I have to be determined.  Practice every day ways to be smarter with our money.  Ways to make the money stretch.

Realize that my life is already pretty awesome.  We have a nice home, nothing fancy.  You won't see it in Southern Living but it's very nice.  It keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter.  We have food in the pantry.  Need to improve in that area.  I have a washing machine and dryer and dishwasher.  So many people in the world don't have these.  Heck I didn't have a dryer growing up and my mother never used the dishwasher.  I was like a kid in a candy store when we moved into our home and got my first dryer.  I turned it on just to hear it hum.  LOL

I like to daydream about what our lives will be like when the debt is gone.  Truth be told, that daydream includes not working full time but shhh.............that's just between us frugalistas!  But while I daydream I need to stop and smell those roses!  My life is a pretty good garden.

How about you?

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