Friday, July 15, 2016

Cleaning the Shower

I don't know about you but I can't stand cleaning the tub and shower.  It just gets on my last nerve but it can get pretty gross if I don't clean it.  So I am always looking for ways to make it easier.  I've started cleaning the grout between the tiles while I take a shower with an old toothbrush.   I've found this helps a lot with the overall cleanliness plus I can do this and not worry about getting cleaning junk on my clothes.  It just rinses right off of me!

Do you have any cleaning tricks?  One that save time and money and perhaps sanity?


  1. Make somebody else do it is my top tip!

  2. Have you tried the Dawn and vinegar all purpose, homemade cleaner that is all over the internet? I blogged about it, will try it once i use up the chemicals here.

    1. Ct Mom,
      I HAVE tried it. It didn't clean any better for me than plain vinegar, and not as well as Borax, baking soda whisked with Dr. Bronner's.