Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Can You Have a Frugal Yet Homey Home?

So I read all kinds of frugal blogs.   They range from being minimalists to having quite the decor.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I don't like clutter but I find minimalism a bit "cold" if that makes sense.

I love to read Brenda's and Deanna's blogs.  They have a love of beauty on a budget.  I've been reading Cait Flander's blog for a couple of years now.  She turned her financial world around by going on a 2 year buying fast and embracing minimalism.  She left her "corporate job" and now free lances.  I commented on one of her recent posts about what she bought the last 2 years.  I explained how some frugal bloggers create pantries on a budget to help them in times of sickness or job loss.  If your only goal is to be a minimalist then would you have a pantry to fall back on? do you make your home warm without breaking the bank?  I am not all that creative but I do love candles.  Yankee Candles to be exact.  Yes they can be quite expensive however I buy them when they are on special.  Plus Yankee Candles last me a very long time.  I find that candles give a warmth to any room and I also love the scents.   Home Sweet Home and Apple Spice are my two favorite scents.

We are looking to replace curtains in our den and kitchen but do not want to spend much money.  I will look at places like Walmart and Home Depot first.


  1. Do you have any second hand shops? Facebook town tagsale sites? you may want to consider them. Love Yankee candles.

  2. I would say that it helps to think outside the box. Many ladies have found that they can use large tablecloths to make curtains, or sheets work too! Some people use drop cloths to make linen look curtains, and they look great!

    My friend makes candles and those are my favorites, but I have always like Yankee Candles, too!

  3. I always look for things for my home at thrift shops, yard sales and Craig's list FIRST even sheets. (My washing machine has a hot cycle, doncha'know!) I get creative....for instance, I have two mission style reclining chairs that I love, but upholstery was saaad, chassis good. Long searches found fabric at $1/ yd and a talented upholstere who did both chairs for less than the cost of one new one. Dd's desk is a solid oak computer desk bought for $32 at thrift shop, painted with a can of Krylon ultra white paint. One Ds' bed is a full size Jenny Lind style maple headboard and footboard, bought for $7.50. Every time...EVERY TIME, I buy a new hard furnishing, (ie:our kitchen table) because I am sick of waiting, I find something I love for a song in a thrift shop soon after. I make mistakes too...I bought GORGEOUS but expensive new dinnerware for our second home, after several months' of debating over different patterns. Well, we get to our place for the first time, and in the course of poking around the region, found a COMPLETE set of Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne, service for 12 with all the serving pieces for under $100 in the Goodwill. Heh. (We bought it anyway for a kid to have when they set up home, even though that's years off still) So, yes, trust me, you can have your home as you please, and do it frugally. The resale marr, I find, has far better quality on things than, say, Walmart.