Friday, June 24, 2016

That Went By Fast

Why is it that you save for months to spend a few days at the beach and POOF it's just over?  Kind of anti climatic.  Especially for someone like myself who'd rather not work full time. But I digress. It was really nice. The nicest place we've ever stayed at when vacationing at the beach. It's a resort with a gated community. Several pools and it's almost like having a private beach. Plus we got an amazing deal. If you stayed 3 nights in June you got 40% off their normal rate. It was so quiet. So relaxing. I'm not much of a beach person. Truth be told I'd rather be in a cooler locale like the mountains but I have to admit it was nice. 
I was able to save up enough to pay for the trip totally. We did have to put the room on our credit card but I just got back from the bank. Paid. In. Full. Ka Ching. Now I will back track one annoying thing about the resort they refused to take cash when reserving an umbrella at the beach and cabana at the pool so we had to charge those as well. But like I said paid in full. 

Do any of you use debit cards when making reservations?  If so have you experienced any problems?  It amazes me that businesses don't want cash. Same thing at Christmas. Cashiers look at me like I'm an alien when I pull out cash instead of a credit card. 

Anyways here a few photos taken. 


  1. Glad you had a fun and fully funded vacation. I call it guilt free pleasure! I do understand the credit card only umbrella deal. It keeps cash management intact, because the umbrella business is strictly a service business "inventory" is difficult to control and itchy fingers could walk with cash. Irritating maybe, but understandable.

    1. In past visits we paid the life guard directly with no problems. They charged us $26 dollars for one day and we couldn't find the umbrella they reserved for us. They kind of hemmed and hawed. I told them they already charged my card so I know they ran it through their computer system. They told us to find an empty one and that they would come to us and put our name on it. Never happened. That's why we liked dealing directly with the lifeguards.