Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stockpiling To Help Others

A terrible fire swept and destroyed an apartment complex today.  Listening to the news and a firefighter explained how today was the perfect storm for a fire.  It's been dry and it was so windy today.  Evidently the fire spread so quickly that many had little time to get out.

So now this leaves many people without a home.  I don't have a huge pantry to fall back on but I can give a few items to help people.  It never really dawned on me but this story rang a bell for me.  I think most of us have no problem helping friends or someone from church who needs a meal or so.  But how much do we help those we don't know?  I know I don't nearly as much as I could or should.  I am hoping that the local news stations will give more information on how to help.  I'm sure organizations such as The Red Cross will step in but that help will only go so far and I think these folks will need help for quite some time.

I will look around to see what I can donate.  Even items that aren't food related.  I have plenty of dish cloths and dish towels.  They aren't in perfect shape and some may have some stains but they are clean and I know that someone could use something like that.  I have some Vera Bradley purses that maybe some ladies could use.

I can't imagine what these people are going through.  I'm sure they are in shock and have no idea where to begin.  I truly hope they all had renter's insurance.

The only time we even came remotely close was back in 1996 and Hurricane Fran came inland.  We live about 2 1/2 hours from the coast.  When Fran hit the Raleigh area it was still a category 1 hurricane.  That was the longest night of our lives.  Our home literally shook and vibrated.  The winds howled and the rain pounded.  You could see this almost eerie teal lights in the sky as transformers exploded.  Trees snapped.  It was horrible.  When daylight arrived we saw 5 trees on our house and a lot of damage.  We had to get a new roof, our porch along with the dining room and a bedroom repaired.  Our home was probably the worst hit in our neighborhood but we actually came out much better than many others.  There were blue tarps on our home for over 6 months waiting for the repairs.  I know how upset I was...........our problem was nothing compared to what these people experienced today.

As a Christian I am called to give to the least of these.  Today more numbers were added to that list.

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