Saturday, April 9, 2016

Is Your Job Safe?

I ask this because there "seems to be some ramblings" in the air around these here parts of what I call Cardinal Cottage aka our home.  I can't really say because nothing has been said but things have happened and have been mentioned at the job front that makes me wonder if all is well.  How will this affect us?  Are we prepared?  A big NOPE to that question. But most of all, since nothing is official what do we do to get better prepared in case one of us does in fact lose our job.

We are perhaps better off than some in the fact that dh can retire with a full 30 years.  If he were to do that his "pay" would be quite a bit less than it is now.  When he gets back to work I will ask him to look into this for me.

I only have 13 years with my employer so if I were let go I would only have whatever vacation and sick time I have built up.  I would get paid only a small percentage of my sick pay.

Obviously cutting expenses is the answer.  It's not how much you earn, it's how much you spend.  Eh?  At least that is what we're told.

We have cut our cable bill down.  I know, I know cable..........Why do we have it anyways?  We have had some talks of going down further on it.  Not getting rid of it entirely.  Perhaps going to a basic package.

We are considering getting rid of our land line.  We both have cell phones and really the only family member that calls us regularly on the land line is my father in law.  He would be fine calling on the cell.

We are on equal payments for our heating and a/c.  I like having the same amount each month.

I will be cutting way back on trips on the weekends.  You know those get in the car and just drive around trips.  I plan on staying home more and when going out trying to be very good about pooling several stops on the same trip cutting down on future outings.

Putting a definite amount to our groceries.  We will not stop going out to eat entirely.  DH and I both enjoy that but we will cut down on the number of times we go out.  Since that will happen I do not feel bad or guilty at upping our grocery budget.  It won't be a huge increase but enough to be able to buy some gourmet ingredients if needed to make meals that compare to what we get out.  But recently I've found that what I've eaten out is leaving me feeling like ugh.  The food just didn't taste as good as I remembered it.  Perhaps it is because we go out too much that I don't appreciate it as much?  Or perhaps the quality of our favorite restaurants is going down.

I don't buy a lot of clothes to begin with but.......I do need work clothes.  It's hard to find my size in thrift stores so my usual store is Dress Barn.

Most of my spending is on the "craptastic" stuff that you know I just have to have.  Oh it look so cute and then it gathers dust or breaks.  That will stop.  I am bad about buying magazines and books.  So I am going back to the good old library.  I love the library.  It is one of my best friends.  I can lose myself there for a few hours.  I find it relaxing and calming.  Reading a book can take us to places we'd only dream of going without leaving our home!  If I find a book that is utterly life changing or simply so inspiring then I will consider buying it!

Just hearing of these "unemployed" ramblings is getting me fired up.  One of the ladies I follow on facebook announced yesterday that her husband lost his job.  So something is going on.  I don't think the economy is as good as they want us to believe.

Right now we have enough.  We don't have enough of an emergency fund but we have enough in the cabinets to feed us.  Maybe not like the food network but still tasty meals. We do need come coffee for the hubster. We have enough cleaning products to last a long time.  I kind of went cray cray ordering Mrs. Meyer's Cranberry counter spray and dish detergent last fall.  But really that stuff smells amazing!  It. rocks. I need to fill the other car with gas, then we will have enough there to last at least a week and a half to perhaps last to two weeks.  The bills are all paid for the month with the exception of my car payment and I will make that when I get paid next week.

Right now we are good.  I just have this nagging little thought in the back of my head that something is going to change.

Have you ever experienced unemployment?  What did you do?


  1. It's wise to take a step back, and plan for what ifs, especially if there is a hint or more! of impending job loss. I agree that the economy isn't so great. It's increasingly difficult to make ends meet. The unemployent data, imo, is off as many are no longer accounted for as the chronic or long term unemployed. This is an election year, so politicians wn=ant us to feel positive. Make a list of possible areas to cut, and instill one change at a time, tweak as needed, move to the next item. Good luck!

  2. Forgot to add, we dealt with imopending ad subsequent actual job loss on the part of my now DX. Scary, but we made it through.

    1. I remember reading that on your blog

  3. On another post, I mentioned that I was unemployed for 6 months. This happened in mid-May 2014. I started my new job on December 1, 2014. I was let go after nearly 27 years, yes years, on the job. It was a total shock. I worked for a very small accounting firm. The owner, me(the pseudo office manager/head bookkeeper) and 2 other bookkeepers. Initially I was told it was because he was looking to make some changes (this is/was code for save some money) and then later in the conversation that it was because "you don't do enough income taxes" In my defense, I was never hired to do income taxes and yet he begged me to do some anyway, which I did and he never had any complaints. Also, one of my fellow co-workers was the same ethnicity as my boss and the other co-worker is his eldest daughter's best friend. I am/was neither. I was given 3 weeks severance pay and 3 months of health insurance premiums. I was on unemployment for 20 weeks, which is the maximum in my state. I went on countless interviews and could have had a job at anytime if I wanted to work part-time (not possible) and/or if I wanted to make $10/hr with no benefits (again not possible) I apparently was "lucky" @@ that it only took me 6 months to find a new job. I am making the same money and have the same health insurance benefits. My day is longer, my commute is longer and my vacation days are far less. However, I have none of the responsibilities that I did at my previous job. Due to my living situation, I was able to pay all my bills and even had a little pocket money left over, so I never felt a true money crunch. So instead of thinking of it as 6 months unemployed, I prefer to think of it as a 6 month paid vacation. ;-) I got to sleep in, I went to the gym more (this was already paid for) did more yard work and read more. Sadly, the not working didn't bother me, the not getting paid was the problem. Bottom line however is that I wouldn't wish unemployment on anyone. It is stressful.

    1. I hope I am wrong but when responsibilities are taken away and some areas may be closed then you get to wondering. Sounds like you were smart beforehand to save money to be prepared.

    2. I have less responsibilities at the new job. Although, the saying hindsight is 20/20 does ring true. My former boss ALWAYS left for a 2 week (minimum) vacation right after tax season. The year I was let go, he didn't. He explained it away by blaming it on his wife's illness (she has RA)

  4. My job was eliminated 5 years ago, after 13 years in the position. I was not able to get paid for my vacation days or sick time, but I had a couple months notice before it happened so I was able to use up all the time I had accrued. I did get 13 weeks severance pay, one weeks pay for each year employed. I wound up loving being home & never went back to work outside of home. I now have an eBay store where I resell thrifted finds & dabble a bit in the stock market. I don't make near the money I did before but am much happier. Hubby & I had worked hard at paying our mortgage off early so we did not have that to worry about. We are both insured through his employer. We always lived pretty frugally anyway, so now we just watch things a bit more. We still take vacations & eat out usually once a week. I now have more time to save money in other ways such as fixing things around the house myself when I can instead of hiring someone. Also I really watch the grocery shopping like shop sales & use as many coupons as I can. The issue we are concerned about is that hubby is a bit older than me & is thinking about retiring in about 5 years so then insurance for me will be an issue. At that point I may need to look into going back into the workforce for insurance. So for us it turned out ok with me losing my job.

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