Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Frugal Prescriptions

Have you ever ordered a prescription from a legit pharmacy?  Today I was given a telephone number to call to get my Soolantra.  My insurance plan does not want to pay for it.  They want me to jump through all kinds of hoops.  The stuff works for me but the price is $300.00.  Supposedly I can contact this pharmacy in Virginia and get it for $25.00.  Now how does that work?  I don't understand how they will charge me $25 but my pharmacy will charge me $300.00.

Is this too good to be true?  Do you order your prescriptions?  Any problems?

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  1. Contact HR. Find out more about why ins won't cover your RX. Do you need a letter of medical necessity faxed to them? As far as mail order, we've used them for years; they are a division of my medical insurance. I mail in/the MD faxes in my RX, it's shipped pretty quickly to me, for free (I can opt for overnight but that is an additional charge). My RX plan includes a 3 tier system of meds. Brand 1 is the cheapest, probably a generic; Brand 2 is midstream, Brand 3 is name brand expensive. We go to generics when possible. That said, one of my maintenance RX meds MUST be name brand-the generic simply doesn't work for me. My copay tiers (for 3 month supply) are $12, $62, $100. Retail pharmacy for 1 month supply: $5/25/40. Once we hit $2000 for RX co-pays, the pay 100%. Even with our multiple maintenance meds, we won't hit that.