Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Christmas in April?

Is it too early to be planning Christmas in April?  Do you browse for gifts all year round?  Do you make your gifts? 

I am not the craftiest person on the block but am thinking about making some of the gifts I give to my wonderful sister in laws.  The last few years we've stopped giving big gifts and just go with little items that we know the other person really likes.  A couple of years ago I made some peppermint sugar scrub and they both liked it so I'm thinking of being more Betty Crockerish this year.

Do you know what you will be giving this year?  Do you exchange gifts? 

Is it just too dag gone early to be talking about it?


  1. It is never too early to begin thinking about Christmas. My sister and I give each other 52 gifts (one for each week of the year) Most of them are handmade, inexpensive or free swag we got during the year. One of her favorite gifts from me last year was some homemade eye makeup remover. Took me about 5 minutes and about a bucks worth of ingredients and she used it daily until it ran out. Simple is a lot of fun!

    1. Good gracious 52 gifts! Oh my. Sounds like fun unwrapping though.

  2. I have a relatively small family. So the adults all draw another adult's name. And we all buy for the 3 nephews and 1 niece. Plus I exchange gifts with my mom and my one sister, who is also single. One of the good things about my new(er) job is that there is no exchanging of gifts among my co-workers. We do chip in a small amount of cash to buy a group gift for our boss. He takes us out for a holiday lunch and then gives us a check. Birthdays aren't even acknowledged. Hard to buy for the kids year 'round since the youngest is 12 and the eldest 22. You never know what they want/like/need. I ask for a list about a month before Christmas and work with that.