Sunday, April 3, 2016

A New Frugal Incentive

This is related to my last post and asking do I love my job?  Truth be told-No but I am ever so grateful that I have a job and the one I have has and is good to me, for the most part.  Now taking that my answer is no I am thinking what am I going to do about it?  Do I look for something else?  I don't think another job will provide what I am looking for and that is freedom.  Freedom to do what I want to do when I want to.  So do I stay or do I go?  Stay, at least that is what I am planning on now but.........and here is what I'm deciding.  I'm using that dislike as a way to jump start my retirement.  I do not want to work full time for another 13 years.  I simply don't.  Will I?  I don't know but I know I don't want to so................feeding off of other blogs I will imposing some restrictions on myself in the hopes of paying off the mortgage and the 2 car payments at an increased rate.  Then we will need to ramp up the savings in a major way.   But no debt will make our life so much easier.  We could live off the pension of dh then with no problem.  Health insurance would be the kicker though.  My insurance is provided through my job.  How would I get it?  I will have to do some homework about that.

Reading Mavis' blog about one hundred dollars a month is giving me some major jealousy (ha) and encouragement.  She is only buying essentials this year to pay their mortgage off early so they can move to the east coast.  This is what is driving her.  So I am going to let an "early retirement" drive me.  I'm not quite sure what my restrictions will be.  I've got to put pen to paper to write it down and how much I think I will be saving but I heard something yesterday about how a idea without a plan is basically just an idea with no hope.  I can't remember the whole thing but that is the jest of it.   I'm going to come up with a plan.  Just saying I'm only going to buy essentials is kind of vague to me because essentials can mean different things to different people.  What are my essentials?  That is what I have to explore.  What can I give up without feeling like a hermit?  What can I take on to help me achieve my dream?  Where can I cut expenses and perhaps what area or areas will those expenses increase to help me achieve my dream?  Do I know of anyone around me locally who can be an encouragement?  Who can give me a kick in the pants to get me back on track?  Who can offer a shoulder to lean on?  Who can be a wealth of knowledge?

I've got a lot to think about it, don't I?  Thank you to Mavis and to all my readers who help me even though they have no idea


  1. Yes!!!! You can do this! When I first got pregnant with our first and knew I wanted to stay home, the first thing we did was write down everything we spent. Every. Thing. Always ask yourself if the thing you think you want, say, a Smartphone, is woth the hours at work to pay for it. It's about freedom! You can do this.

  2. By the way, for someone not buying anything for a year, Mavis uses a lot of space hawking stuff. Pretty blog, though.

    1. Yea. I've noticed. Her blog is really pretty. I'm not savvy with technology so mine is pretty plain. Lol