Thursday, March 10, 2016

St Patrick's Day Celebration on Saturday

So the hubster is of Scottish descent but he loves St. Patrick's Day.  I think it's his favorite "holiday".
One year he sent green carnations to me at work and my coworkers were like why did he do that?  I said because he loves St Patrick's Day and he loves me!

Raleigh has a nice parade.  Each year gets a bit larger although they have discussed stopping it due to the costs involved.  I hope they keep it!  I love to see the Irish Wolfhounds.  They are so majestic and sweet at the same time.Then of course, we have to sip a bit of green beer-and if we can find an Irish pub that isn't packed to the gills, eat lunch.  He looks forward to this day all year.  He's like a kid about it.

I'm trying to decide what amount I should use to cover the expenses for this festivity.  They now charge to park in downtown Raleigh so that will run anywheres from $5-$8.  Green beers typically cost around $5 a piece-maybe more.  And lunch will be expensive.

Do you have any plans for this year?

It won't be a frugal day for us, that's for sure!

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