Monday, March 28, 2016

Oh My the Money is Getting Very Very Tight

I have $40.00 to last until pay day which is Thursday.  I have to go to Kroger and get the hubster some items.  I've switched to his car because it has the most gas in it.  There is enough in his car to get me through.  This whole thing is making me think about a very very basic grocery haul.

What is the minimum amount you could use to get you through in a crunch AND what would you buy?

I think the very basic for us would be $50.00.  For me to go lower I would have to become much better skilled at making food go a l o n g w a y!!


  1. Depends on how much food was already on hand and just what it was. Before hitting the store, I'd inventory the fridge/freezer/pantry and see what I could cobble together. May not WANT oatmeal at the moment, but if it was on hand THAT would become bfst. Soups-homemade out of nothing are a real budget saver, too

  2. I could go weeks without spending money for anything other than gas. But, if I am not going shopping, I don't need to use the car. Like CT Mom, I regularly go through our pantry to plan meals. Unlike most, I don't think milk is a kids only use it on cereal, and cereal is about the biggest waste of food $ there is. It's expensive, and nutritionally void. My dh, though, loves to eat lunch out, though. He takes our dd out several times/week after her school day. So, while I *can*go weeks without spending, it's rare it happens.