Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It Pays to be Prepared

So tomorrow the hubster is having his surgery.  We took his prescriptions to the pharmacy yesterday so we'd be ready. Wouldn't you know it the power was out when I went to pay for them. And it won't be back on until midnight. Maybe. He needs his pain medication. So the pharmacist is going to call me at 8 tomorrow morning to give an update. I sure hope everything is fine then. Or I will need pain meds too. 

We should've had this taken care of earlier. Being prepared isn't always about saving money. It can also be about peace of mind. Right now I could use that. 


  1. Wishing your husband the best of luck on his procedure.
    And wishing you the patience to deal with him. ;-)

  2. Wishing peace through tonight, for both of you!