Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Need Some Frugal Ideas For a Get Together

Once it gets warm and stays warm, which will be any day now here in North Carolina, I want to have some folks over for burgers.   It's not going to a grand event by any means but I kind of want some different appetizers.  I'm kind of tired of chips and dip.  Nothing wrong with those but I just want different.  I've been reading for a few weeks now.  If you haven't heard of her, go over and check her out.  It's really fun to read.  Makes we want to visit Idaho!
Well anyhoo...................she posted a cream cheese, seafood sauce and shrimp appetizer.  It looks really good.

Do you have any appetizer ideas that are cute, quick and rather cheap?


  1. Some of my go-to appetizers when I plan a get together includes: fruit tray, veggie tray with dip or dressing, pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, mini bagel pizzas, cheese and crackers tray, or (of course) chips and dip. :)
    For holidays I may do a little bit fancier appetizer such as stuffed mushrooms, olive tapenade, ham and cheese spirals or antipasto.
    You can also maybe make sandwiches and cut into fourths.
    I'm sure your guests will be happy with anything you serve. I've never met a person that didn't enjoy chips and dip. :)

  2. I make cole slaw....the sweet cole slaw recipe on Allrecipes. I use all sour cream, though. I also like to make hummus from canned garbanzo beans, and serve it with pita bread or bagel chips.

  3. I think that cream cheese with pepper jam, and crackers is nice and not too fussy or expensive. It's delicious!