Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Simple Way to Save

To me frugality and saving money happens in the small areas of life. Those things that in and of themselves don't save much but when added together with other strategies they can make a huge difference. Calendars are just an example of a seemingly simple yet overlooked way to save. We are using a calendar from Williamsburg, VA. The photos are really pretty. We went on vacation there a couple of summers ago. We've been receiving free note cards and calendars since. Sure they ask for a donation but so far we haven't given one.   Cutting little corners here and there go a long ways to growing a savings account. 

Using smaller amounts of products helps too. Do you have to use as much toothpaste?  What about aluminum foil?  Can you reuse it?  If your plastic bag didn't contain raw meat well go right ahead and wash it and reuse it. 

What are some of your "small" strategies?  

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