Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Local" Eggs and the NC Farmers Market

I went back to the NC Farmer's Market for a dozen eggs.  I put local in quotation marks because the farm is about an hour away from the Raleigh area.  I have not been able to find local eggs around here.  I'm sure they exist but some are part of a CSA and we are not members of one.  We would have way too much waste to buy produce like that.

The price each week has been $5 a dozen and yes the yolks are quite a bit more colorful than the ones you buy in the stores.

I also bought some salsa.  The name of it is Sweet Heat and it is the most delicious salsa there is bar none.   Yummy!

Am I paying more money?  Yes but I am also supporting the farmer's in my area and statewide.  Looking forward to buying more produce from there this spring and summer!

These are old photos from the farmer's market!  Isn't it beautiful?

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  1. Nice market. Get the word out, you may find a source for eggs that way.