Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amping Up the Savings

Well it looks this surgery is a go.  We have a pre-op and post op date along with the actual day itself.  I am going to have to amp up our savings because this will take out a big chunk of our emergency fund.  Things are going to have to get tighter.  I am mostly talking to myself here because DH really doesn't spend that much.  He, like most men, will make larger purchases but very few of them while, I will fritter money away.

I think we may have to dial down paying off the Elantra as aggressively as we were.  Oh shoot, we will need to buckle down on all spending.  My goal at the beginning of this year is to pay off the Elantra and our mortgage while putting money into the emergency fund.  If we cut out all spending except for essentials this could be done but I know myself.  I am not that disciplined.  I need to grow a backbone. 

Plus, dh wants to go on vacation.  I suggested a staycation but he really wants to go somewhere so at the beginning of the 2016 I started putting in $100.00 into an account.  I get paid semi monthly so that is $200.00 a month.  My plan was to save this until May or June when we go and then stop.  I was going to put those funds into the emergency fund after that.

As I've mentioned before, dh likes to go out once a week for dinner and truth be told I like it too.  We are going over the budget stuff now.  I've asked him to contact Time Warner Cable to get a better deal than the one we have now. I know, I know, pay for cable?  He is not going to give up sports.  He would not like that at all and I am not going to ask him to do that.  We can afford cable just not at the price it just went to.

I'm not worried, just trying to get our ducks in a row!

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