Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Spend February ?

Do you participate in no spend challenges?  I know they seem to be very popular in February. I assume that's due to it being the shortest month. I know that some of you are great at only buying necessities while someone like myself needs more self control. I know dh would not go for it because he likes to eat out once a week. 
If you've done this challenge did it change your spending habits?


  1. Ugh. I became addicted, if you will, to no spend days when I first stopped work at the birth of my eldest. Now, in his retirement, it is very hard to get dh back on board. He so enjoys taking the littles out to lunch when schoolwork is complete or to Subway after an evening activity...that sort of thing. But, as we ALWAYS watch ALL our spending, it is little matter. So, if I am out of chicken breasts, and chicken is more than rock bottom $1.69/lb, we don't eat chicken. On the other hand, no spend goal or not, if I find sirloin steak at 2.00/ lb, you can bet we're packing the freezer. I also have a hard time understanding the folks who spend in preparation for no spend periods. By this I mean people who make sure they buy all the things they think they'll need for February's no spend at top price in January. I am just inclined to do without things if the price is high, in order to assure we can pay for things like music lessons, pointe shoes, heat, insurance all the time. I also make the kitchen ds choose activities carefully, and let them know the cost. This one is tricky, though...I don't want them thinking they have to quit guitar over cost. But if the dancer needs a new pair of pointe shoes, she probably isn't going to get a new comforter for her bed any time soon...which one does she feel enhances her life more?If enforcing a no spend period, though, gets people to critcally examine their personal finances, then they're great. Me, well I learned very quickly to ALWAYS live beneath our means. Doing so has never negatively impacted our quality of life. If anything, it improved markedly in terms of time with the family and financial stability.
    Happy Monday!

    1. I wondered if people would stock up on things to avoid buying them in February. I can see watching your spending more closely. I for sure need to do that. But sometimes you have to spend some money. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in my household. LOL. However, I could cut back in my spending. I am bad with books and magazines.

  2. I agree with Meg. I try to stick to a list but I'm always on the hunt for bargains! My freezers are full just because of this, so I can live out of them for a while. No spending is a bit daft because you either have to stock up beforehand or go out n spend more on a restock when you are done.