Sunday, January 24, 2016

Need Frugal Dry Skin Help

I use Curel and it does a great job however even in winter it's not quite enough.  I need something extra for my forearms and on my back especially between the shoulder blades.  I do use Aquafor some but it has such a greasy feel to it that it's not my fave.

What do ya'll use?


  1. I am following this closely. I have been using Eucerin Intensive Repair, but it does not fully absorb into my skin. I am looking for a new lotion also

  2. Cerave is what my dermatologist recommends. It is expensive, but often the drug stores have sales. Get the jar, not the pump. I prefer, however, Lubriderm fragrance free. I use store brand, and find it works great.

  3. Hi, I always read your blog but have never commented before. I use Curel, it is wonderful, not greasy & soaks in really well.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and for replying.