Friday, January 22, 2016

Frugal Lesson Learned

The big snowstorm came to the Raleigh area and left.  Ice.  I don't get to stay home from work when inclement weather happens.  Nope.  I have to work.  We're told we can stay home but then there is a lot of pressure to show up.  Emails go out like crazy from management telling us how we don't close and  that we can stay in a hotel room, at their expense.  Nope, I am not a nurse nor do I work in the healthcare industry so it does get a bit disconcerting when this happens.  Employee safety does not seem to be a concern. frugal lesson.

I did not have lunch for today.  I opted to spend the night in a hotel but totally forgot to prepare a lunch for today when leaving home Thursday morning.  So........I need to come up with food items that don't spoil and that can spend time in my cubicle in case of need.  Thankfully, management did order pizza for everyone and it was yummy!

For those who work outside of the home, do you keep food in your cubicle?  If so, what kind?


  1. I take my lunch everyday, so I have a medium sized tote that I use and in it, I keep some snacks. I also keep a few snacks in a desk drawer. Sadly, the fridge at this place is the size of a dorm room fridge. And on a full day there can be 6-8 people. @@ My last job we had a full sized fridge for 4 people. And lots of cupboard space too.

  2. I bring my lunch almost every day... In my desk I keep a few granola bars, some oatmeal packets and two cans of soup. To be honest, the soup usually ends up expiring. We are trying to be better about food waste this year, so I'm going to have to figure out a rotation system for those two cans if I don't start forgetting my lunch!!

  3. When I worked after college, (haven't since kids. I have an issue with paying to go to work, as well as the subcontracting of raising your kids....but I digress) I ALWAYS had food in my desk...crackers, peanut butter, juice boxes, soup mix and tea bags, for the days I didn't pack a lunch, or when the 3p.m. blahs hit. It got to the point that on crazy days, the officers would come by and grab a snack, so they started putting $in a cup for me to keep the drawer stocked, and even put in requests. They were a decent lot.
    Hubby was a pilot, so his meals were handled by the company, but as we had one vehicle after I left work, and I drove him to and fro airport, we always kept food in the car for the kids, as we'd be heading out at all sorts of hours.

  4. The tuna fish packets that are ready to eat (no draining necessary) would be a great addition to your desk larder.