Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Could I be a Mennonite?

I don't know quite frankly!  LOL.  Those folks work hard, especially the ones who take their faith seriously and live simple lives.  Now their type of simplicity is not all rainbows and unicorns.  It seems to me a lot of them have farms and grow or raise most of their own food.  Simple?  yes.  Easy?  Not one bit.  I would be so worn out at the end of the first day they'd probably kick me out of the group.

I guess frugality is second nature with them.  Probably not much need to coupon if you cook from scratch, make your own cleaning products and raise most of your foods.  The pictures seem so idyllic.  Rolling fields, beautiful farms, clothes outside on the line flitting about in the breeze, the smell of food wafting in the air.

When we were in Lititz, PA last June, we were centrally located to Amish country.  We did the usual touristy things like taking a carriage ride and touring a working farm.  But we also had dinner with a really nice older Amish lady and her son.  She put out a spread for us.  Food always seems to taste better when someone else makes it, doesn't it?

I think there are a lot of Mennonites there as well because we saw a lot of Mennonite churches.  I have no way of distinguishing them apart just from their clothing though.

I found a Mennonite blog that really makes me want to live like that..........then reality hits and I'm not so sure if I could hack it.

What about you?  Is there something, anything you'd like to do differently?  Live differently?  Live in another state or location?

I think I could get used to Pennsylvania.  It's my second favorite state!  Of course North Carolina is number 1!!

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  1. My son goes to school around 15 minutes from Lancaster and is dating a young lady who's parents became Mennonite in the past year. Their church isn't as strict as the Amish and Sara is not Mennonite like her parents. While driving through the area we see a lot of Mennonite schools and churches. Always feel like we are on vacation when we go to Lancaster when picking Adam up. Cheryl