Sunday, January 31, 2016

Class, Decorum is Free-A Different Type of Frugality

My husband works part time at the PNC Arena in Raleigh.  We joke he gets paid to watch hockey.  The arena is home to the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes and NC State Wolfpack along with various concerts and events like the circus and religious speakers.

Tonight was an appreciation party for part time employees.  There was all kinds of food and drink, all free to us.  In addition, employees received vouchers to attend 2 hockey games.  Sweet!!

I want to talk about what I saw tonight.  First off, this is a work party.  People, we have to keep that in mind.  I was surprised at some of the outfits that some ladies wore.  Before anyone accuses me of being old fashioned, I need to reiterate................this was a work party.  It wasn't in a club.  People very high up that corporate ladder were there.  I saw skin tight, barely covering their rears, and deeply plunging v neck dresses. I saw see through dresses strategically placed.   These left nothing to the imagination.  There has to be dressy dresses that are festive while classy.

It wasn't only the young ladies, some of us older ones were out there as well.

What this did for me personally is tell me I need to have at least one item in my closet that is really dressy. Either a dress or top, kind of sparkly that is appropriate to wear anywhere.  Sadly, my closet is very low on clothes in general, much less festive clothes.

These ladies may be the nicest people in the world.  I have no idea.  I do know that I saw more of them than I need or want to.  I wish we had more sense when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Oh was still a very nice event!


  1. I am sure they thought they looked nice. Besides, first stone, all that...

  2. I appreciate your comment and I have thought about that. I still think some outfits while ok for clubs should not be at a work function. They were all beautiful.