Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Shoutout for Local Eggs

I bit the bullet and bought a dozen eggs at the North Carolina's Farmers Market. So many bloggers love them, especially I hope I love them as much and really hope I can tell a difference. 

While at the NCFM I also purchased 2 bars of soap and lip balm. These are made locally. 

I plan on making pizza for dinner but the crust won't be homemade as I don't make a good tasting crust. 

We got paid yesterday. I put extra towards the mortgage in addition to $700 in my emergency fund. I put a set amount aside in an account to pay for property taxes and homeowners insurance. 

Hubby is deciding if he wants surgery. He's a runner and his Achilles' tendon had caused him a lot of pain for a few years now. He's done all of the stretches and exercises. He's done whatever the doctors asked. He found out he has some kind of foot deformity. It appears that surgery is the next step. He has loads of sick leave so that is not a concern. We will be responsible for the deductible which I think is $1500.00. We have that, it's in the emergency fund but we can pay it. Then we are responsible for 20%. 

I'm trying to get him to dial back from wNting to make purchases for the home until this health stuff is taken care of and paid!! To me his health is a need and new curtains and sofa are wants. 

Do you put money in a fund specifically for medical or is it lumped in your emergency fund?

Oh and I also bought paprika at Penzeys and got free dried shallots and garlic!!

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