Sunday, December 6, 2015

This and That

First thing-Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!

Now on to this and that!  I went to Target and purchased some much needed items.  Cetaphil skin cleanser (had a $2 off coupon), Target brand allergy medicine ($1.50 off store coupon).  I used a $5 Target gift card and then applied a 5% off Target RX rewards.  I was hoping to keep this under $20.00 but didn't quite make it.  It's amazing how expensive 2 items can be.

Below is a short video of the products I've used up recently.  As I say in the video.  I know some of ya'll will say big whoop but for someone who used to throw things away willy nilly this is a major improvement.

In all honesty I did throw some items away.   They bothered my asthma and allergies.  Too bad breathing is required to live.  LOL

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