Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Thankfulness

Today sees me off at work.  In fact I only work 2 days this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday we will be having fun.  I took today off to take my car in for its 10,000 mile check up.  My appointment was at 8:30 and I got there at 8.  They had "free" Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate, muffins etc.  I say "free" because we bought my car new in January and I'm sure we are paying for alot of "free" things if you know what I mean.

Well...................afterwards I ran a few errands.  Thanks to I bought 6 Mccormick sauces plus a 2016 small planner.  Then on to Aldi and bought a pound of organic ground beef for $6.99 a pound.

I was thinking today that I am thankful that I have a job in which to take a day off from.  Does that make sense?  There are a lot of people still looking for jobs or perhaps they have a job but it doesn't allow for much time off.  Maybe they get a weeks vacation and they don't want to waste one taking their car to the dealer for a check up.  So I am very grateful and thankful that I get 20 hours of time off a month (8 of that is sick leave) to use at my discretion.  For so many people today's time off would've been a huge financial blow.  I am fortunate.

If you work outside of the home, do you get time off or do you have to be very very careful how you spend it?  I've said before that having sick leave in the "bank" is really having money in an emergency fund.  That way you still get paid.  That can be such a comfort.  I mean what is worse than being sick then on top of that having to worry if you can pay the bills?  I know that would probably make me sicker.

I am using the chili tonight so we will see if we like that one. 

Also trying this tonight for the first time in the chili

In addition I am reading a book.  the title is Enough.  It a about what really is enough and how do we get to that point?  The definition of enough will, I think, be different for everyone.   Just like simplicity.  No two people will be the same.  This book is written from a Christian perspective and I love that is opposite from the prosperity teachings that are so prevalent today.


  1. Do share your review of the chilli sauce. I;'ve incorporated these sauces into next month's menus.

    1. so far, it is okay. The sauce tastes fine however I followed the recipe on the package and I find that chili tastes a bit too "tomatoey" for me. We like ours to be more on the spicier side. Will put some sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese on top and that should fix it right up!

    2. Thanks for adding your review!

  2. Yes the prosperity gospel is nauseating. Some of the richest Christians on earth live in abject poverty.

  3. We like the Velveeta cheese sauce in the pouch too. I definitely get it when I can find it.