Sunday, September 13, 2015

Living off of A Stockpile

What if?  What if you or your spouse lost their job?  Had to take an extended leave of absence or perhaps a short LOA?  What if you found a new job but it paid way less than the one you had?  What if any of these things happened and your family made too much for any type of government assistance-mainly food stamps?  Do you have a pantry in which you could live off of for a week?  Longer?

We have a pantry that we could live off of for perhaps 1/2-2 weeks.  I doubt it would last much longer.  In reading frugality blogs some bloggers can live easily out of their pantry for a long time and in fact have done so in the past.  They are getting it built back up for what some folks believe will be another economic downturn.

I think everyone's pantry will be different as we all have different likes and needs.  Some stock up on basics only while others do that but also stock on "hospitality pantry" items.  Usually these products are a little bit "nicer" than the basic ones, they may taste a bit better or cost a bit more and are reserved for "special occasions"

So I am throwing this out to you-if you have a pantry how long could you eat out of it without replenishing?  If you are like me with a rather limited edition do you have plans on extending it?


  1. I think in these times that we all need to have a deep pantry. I am alone but think I could manage 2-3 months except for milk and occasional fresh or salad needs. I am trying to use down the current foods and replace with newer stock ups. Karen

  2. Oh, my. We could eat for close to a year. We wouldn't like it much, but we could do it. I worry about water. Just last week we lost power for 4 days due to a windstorm. As we have a well, that means no water or flushing toilet. We used ALL of our store water. Granted, we could fill up our containers at the gas station, but what if they were down too? As we have a gas cookbook and well stocked pantry, food wasn't an issue. In fact, save for the fact that they couldn't shower, my kids' lives were much the same.

  3. We could probably go for a month or so? But, we eat a ton of produce (the majority of our grocery bill is for fruit & vegetables), so it would be a big adjustment from where we're at now. We do have a garden & a lemon tree, orange trees, and an avocado tree, so if it were the right season, we could eke out a bit of fruit there.