Friday, September 25, 2015

Hooray It's Friday

I'm so happy it is Friday and only 2 more hours until 5:30!  I've been saving 2 free movie tickets and a concessions gift card now for a couple of months to see the new movie Black Mass.  It is a mob movie based on Whitey Bulger's life.  DH and I love love love mog movies.  Top of the list is of course The Godfather.  That movie will always be the best the one that others are measured by.

I don't know if we will have to spend any more $$.  I hope that the giftcard covers it all but it is only for $10.00 and concessions at movies are expensive.  I know I know don't buy concessions but DH refuses to go to the movies and NOT buy a cherry Coke and pop corn with loads of butter.  I can not talk him out of it.  He could have eaten a 10 course meal right before going and he would still buy a Coke and pop corn. won't be totally free but close to it!

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