Monday, September 7, 2015

A Walmart Rant

I am not one of the people who boycott Walmart but I don't regularly shop there either.  This morning for the heck of it I bought some items.  Had no idea that I left part of them until hours later so I called the store and was told I simply come in, show my ID and they would help me.  I really wanted to get those items so I went to customer service.  In the end I did get my items  but I had to listen to the clerk go on and on about her headache, how she is supposed to leave at 4 and how she just might get up and leave customers standing there.  Really?  Before someone goes off on me and says I don't understand their plight............hmmm...........yes I do.  I worked retail for years both full and part time.  Trust me I know how annoying the general public can be but I would not speak that way to customers.  I came very close to just leaving and take the loss.

Do ya'll shop at Walmart?  Have you experienced this?


  1. I don't live in the US so only shop there when I come over on holiday every couple of years and I've never had an issue. I have to say I don't think your experience is a bad walmart experience so much as a bad customer service experience which could have happened anywhere.

  2. Usually, I just commiserate with the person, especially if I like the person. However, I do see your point. I do not appreciate comments about walking off and leaving customers.