Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aldi Purchase Plus First Time Vlogging

I did a vlog today.  Very short but then again I really didn't purchase that much.  I like to go to Youtube and view other frugal bloggers/vloggers.  I hope you enjoy it.  I really don't know how often I will do this but I like that it gives me other options.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Here is a shot of moi. I'm not very stylish as you can tell. As a plus size human I find it hard to buy cute clothes much less frugal cute clothes. The jeans are from the store like TJ Maxx but I cant remember the name. The top is from Christopher Banks. I rarely find anything at thrift stores.  Larger ladies want to look cute too ya know. 

Use it Up!

Well after shaming myself with food waste photos I thought I'd share a photo of Use it Up!!  

Food Waste Friday Bad Very Bad

I've never done this before meaning I've never posted pics of thrown away food. Of Wasted. Money.  Here goes:  

The containers held leftover spicy ranch chip dip, a small hamburger patty with onions and peppers, Rotel cream cheese dip and homemade hamburger helper. Yikes!!  Really bad. 

I hope no I will do better from now on. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hooray It's Friday

I'm so happy it is Friday and only 2 more hours until 5:30!  I've been saving 2 free movie tickets and a concessions gift card now for a couple of months to see the new movie Black Mass.  It is a mob movie based on Whitey Bulger's life.  DH and I love love love mog movies.  Top of the list is of course The Godfather.  That movie will always be the best the one that others are measured by.

I don't know if we will have to spend any more $$.  I hope that the giftcard covers it all but it is only for $10.00 and concessions at movies are expensive.  I know I know don't buy concessions but DH refuses to go to the movies and NOT buy a cherry Coke and pop corn with loads of butter.  I can not talk him out of it.  He could have eaten a 10 course meal right before going and he would still buy a Coke and pop corn. won't be totally free but close to it!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Living off of A Stockpile

What if?  What if you or your spouse lost their job?  Had to take an extended leave of absence or perhaps a short LOA?  What if you found a new job but it paid way less than the one you had?  What if any of these things happened and your family made too much for any type of government assistance-mainly food stamps?  Do you have a pantry in which you could live off of for a week?  Longer?

We have a pantry that we could live off of for perhaps 1/2-2 weeks.  I doubt it would last much longer.  In reading frugality blogs some bloggers can live easily out of their pantry for a long time and in fact have done so in the past.  They are getting it built back up for what some folks believe will be another economic downturn.

I think everyone's pantry will be different as we all have different likes and needs.  Some stock up on basics only while others do that but also stock on "hospitality pantry" items.  Usually these products are a little bit "nicer" than the basic ones, they may taste a bit better or cost a bit more and are reserved for "special occasions"

So I am throwing this out to you-if you have a pantry how long could you eat out of it without replenishing?  If you are like me with a rather limited edition do you have plans on extending it?

Best Dip Ever

I have a love for junk food especially dips. Especially dips that have cream cheese as an ingredient. This dip may not look bet appetizing but just trust me. It is delicious. And did I mention it's super easy to make?  Yes it is. 

Brown a pound of pork sausage. In a crockpot put 2 blocks of cream cheese and a can of Rotel. Add the sausage. Give it awhile to start melting the cheese then stir it up really good. I usually let it cook at least an hour. Mmm mmm good 

I personally like to use name brand sausage because generic shrinks too much plus there is usually a lot of grease. Generic cream cheese and Rotel works well. You really can't tell the difference imho. 

Give it a try if you haven't had it. You're welcome!!

I Am Not a Fancy Person

and last night solidifies that for me.  First of all we attended an absolutely lovely wedding.  It has to be the most expensive wedding I've ever attended.  It was LAVISH but in a tasteful way.  It didn't look over the top just, well, lavish.  I am somewhat inept when it comes to social settings that require knowledge of which fork/spoon/knife to use.  My mother never taught me and what little i know is what I've learned over the years.  Therefore I tend to feel uncomfortable, like there is this giant light in the sky that beams down on me and announces to everyone that I don't know what I am doing.  Of course, no one says anything or was remotely paying attention to me. It's just my paranoia but it goes to show that I am not a fancy person.

I prefer jeans and sweaters or t shirts but wear skirts and dresses, not real frilly stuff you know the basics.  I can not stand dress shoes and since my foot surgery almost 6 years ago it borders on the excruciating.

I could use some tips from Emily Post or whoever does that nowadays.

And you know, it's fine that I am that way.  The other day the hubster made a comment that we've done okay even though we live a pretty simple life.  And that's the truth!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Frugal Wins

Oh my I love Penzeys. I got an email for a free jar and since I work about a mile from the store I stopped by on the way home from work.   Win number 1

We have a posh evening wedding to attend this weekend. The hubster and I are NOT fancy people at all. I remembered a dress I bought 8 years ago and thanks be to the Lord it still fits!! The Angels are singing Alleluia and so am I!!  It's not the prettiest dress but it will suffice. It's black with a crystal encrusted thingy in the bodice to give it a bit of bling. 

I'm pleased!

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Walmart Rant

I am not one of the people who boycott Walmart but I don't regularly shop there either.  This morning for the heck of it I bought some items.  Had no idea that I left part of them until hours later so I called the store and was told I simply come in, show my ID and they would help me.  I really wanted to get those items so I went to customer service.  In the end I did get my items  but I had to listen to the clerk go on and on about her headache, how she is supposed to leave at 4 and how she just might get up and leave customers standing there.  Really?  Before someone goes off on me and says I don't understand their plight............hmmm...........yes I do.  I worked retail for years both full and part time.  Trust me I know how annoying the general public can be but I would not speak that way to customers.  I came very close to just leaving and take the loss.

Do ya'll shop at Walmart?  Have you experienced this?